Dr. Deborah Birx passes Trump's loyalty test on CNN

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Oath-breaker says what?


WTF is she on about with “we’re the first country that had young people to this degree”? Median age in the USA is 38.1. Median age in China is 37.4.

(ETA: Unless she meant young people dying to this degree, which might or might not be true but if true it isn’t anything to brag about. )


I can see this woman has completely drunk his Kool-Aid.

Deborah I actually listened to your words critically, and anyone with a brain can see that you are deflecting and downplaying a lie on national television.

If intelligent people cannot figure out your supposed beloved leaders meaning, even if he didn’t actually say what he did (and he did), at the very least you have to recognize his ramblings are literally killing people and poisoning them now.

This woman is not only lying for him now but she has a medical pedigree that is propping up his stupidity.

In my view that makes her even more dangerous and evil than Trump right now because she is enabling him when she should know better.

If this stupidity and malfeasance goes all the way up to her and beyond we are all going to die because of this man


“So are you saying it’s OK to inject yourself with bleach?”

“OK, so I feel like you’re asking me what kind of tree I’d like to be, so I’ll say Oak.”


Was all that blinking some kind of Morse code? Could she be trying to ask for help?



Her attempted deflections are ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that we are expected to swallow such obvious nonsense. Whatever reputation she previously enjoyed has been forever tainted by her willingness to cover for the covidiot that she apparently feels the need to protect.

There is no medical or national security purpose to try to pretend that the president is saying anything useful. Those who abet him in his constant efforts to gaslight the public deserve their lost dignity.


Of course Cheetolini absolutely will fire anyone who doesn’t run interference for him, so any personnel in his administration, whether they’re qualified and doing any good or not, will get stabbed in the back if they don’t defend his daily deranged wank-fests.

I’m not saying that’s Dr. Birx’s motivation. She might just be another bootlicker trying to cling to power for it’s own sake. But like the town’s people in the Twilight Zone episode It’s a Good Life, integrity is antithetical to survival in Shitler’s administration. Normally I’d say anyone participating in compromising their integrity to hold any such position is an accomplice. In the case of medical officials though I understand why some of them may be caught between Twitler and Covid-19.

I get the sense that Tapper sees the same nightmare.


Thats fine. Today’s Loyalty Test is tomorrows Indictment.


She didn’t actually say anything particularly insane in this interview, she just evaded the questions because she knew that if she didn’t she’d be fired immediately. If she was a real Trump Cultist she would have said his ideas about injecting disinfectants or using light to kill the virus inside the body were brilliant or at least worth exploring, and she didn’t. In fact she didn’t say a single word in support of the President, just twisted herself in knots to avoid saying anything bad about him.

Birx strikes me as just another professional who believes (or at least hopes) that she might be able to do some good or at least mitigate some harm if she stays in a position of influence within the administration. Like Fauci, she’s an actual professional in her field who ascended to her station under saner administrations and is unlikely to be replaced by someone better qualified if Trump does give her the boot. Also like Fauci, that goal may prove hopelessly naive.

I doubt very much that she has actually imbibed the proverbial Kool-Aid.


This sucks. I actually get that they are navigating a minefield with their boss, and am less of the mind to point a finger at her for not jumping up during the press conference, but here, asked a direct question, she should have said very clearly “there is currently no known method that is safe or beneficial for injecting or ingesting household disinfectants.”


I bet the appearance of her having drank the Kool-Aid is due in part to the fact that she was a colonel in the Army. I suspect that she has a strong belief in the chain of command.


Yet in not fully repudiating his obvious bullshit, regardless to the intended rationale, she still broke her oath… in my personal opinion, of course.

Whether it does more harm to passively abet reckless endangerment because the successor who comes after you might be even worse is a question I don’t have an answer to…


Maybe, but she was appointed to her current position as United States Global AIDS Coordinator in 2014 under Barack Obama and nothing in her background really stands out as the actions of a power-hungry bootlicker.

I think she probably really is just showing the bare minimum amount of deference to Trump required to keep her position because she thinks she has a better chance at enacting policies that protect lives than whatever crazed ideologue Trump would be likely to replace her with.


I hope like holy fucksocks that you’re right.


Me too.

You know all those plot arcs in The Walking Dead that keep forcing the survivors to evaluate what choices are morally defensible in a post-apocalyptic hellscape where mere survival means taking actions that would be considered monstrous under any other circumstances? Well WE JUST GOT RENEWED FOR ANOTHER SEASON.


Reasonable, credible, understandable even.
It’s just that this approach does not work with Trump.


Not for very long, anyway.


Birx has done this kind of trump apologist explainer sh*t since day one

people have got to stop trusting her, she just “goes along to get along” and that’s deadly when setting policy that is supposed to be based on science and not politics

instead she is making his politics justified

He want to go golfing by end of May, so she is making it happen

I hope people put body bags all over his courses.


I don’t watch that show, (Don’t judge me!) but having seen more than enough other disaster/end of the world shows and movies, I can take an educated guess.