Drago is getting a spin-off in the style of Creed

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Dolph Lundgren’s career is having a bit of a renaissance ever since his appearance as a guest villain on Arrow. People who didn’t rent Redbox movies got to see that even in his 60’s Dolph is still massive, in great shape and can do great fight scenes on a budget.


Indeed. I thought that Dolf looked fabulous in Expendable; and I’d love to see him cast as Frankenstein’s Monster in some sequel tales to him surviving at the North Pole (Maybe climate change could result in him defrosting in the modern day; like an angsty Captain America).



Bonus to casting him as Frankenstein’s Monster: he’s smart enough to also be Dr. Frankenstein, so we could finally resolve the perpetual problem of everyone naming the monster as the creator by making them the same.


Good for Dolph, I guess; but personally, I am beyond over all the opportunistic nostalgia mining.

I watched the first Creed because let’s face it; Michael B Jordan is fine as fuck and I would watch him read a phone book.

That said, I wasn’t here for the latest Rambo, or the latest Die Hard, or Cobra Kai… and likewise I’m not here for ‘Drago.’

For those who enjoy it, good on ya; I won’t yuck your yum…


If you haven’t seen it, Lundgren’s TED talk is a real eye opener. He clearly had a pretty awful childhood, but he comes across as someone who dealt with his demons and is one of the good guys:

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Most definitely. The part about his volunteer work against human trafficking puts him in my book from “admirable” to “awesome”.

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