Driver sees woman covered in snow on park bench and calls ambulance, finds out woman isn't human


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I guess the concerned driver was unaware of the statue of limitations.

(I’ll just see myself out now.)


I bet that’s the same woman that lets her kids run around town unattended, thinks she can just camp out all day on that bench. Scofflaw.



Not only was she covered in snow, she was previously turned to stone! Oh, the humanity!


Definitely a DNR on that one.


911, what’s your emergency?

There’s a person standing on the ledge of a building! I think they’re going to jump!

Ok, first can you tell me if this person has a pair of wings and is maybe baring their fangs in a vicious snarl?

Ahhhh let’s see…yes, yes, looks that way. Please hurry!

Ok, not to worry. That’s a gargoyle.


The statue is actually called “The Lady in the Park…”

Well, now they’re gonna call it “The Dead Lady in the Park.”


There’s a statue of a construction worker sitting on a park bench with a lunch box a block from my work. It freaks me out almost every time I walk past - there’s always the moment of mental adjustment from “there’s a person” to “something is wrong with that person” to “oh yeah, that statue.”

There was one at the university I went to of a person on a study break petting a cat. Didn’t trip me out the same way for some reason - I think it was slightly less naturalistic.


How can somebody live in Britain and not know that they only move when nobody is looking at them?!?


Rule #1: Never piss off a gorgon.


Remember this one?


Nah. She’s pining for the fjords.


… and of the limitations of statues!


Just another ELO fan.


this one? image


That’s the one.

And here’s the one from university (I guess I misremembered him as petting a cat).agriculture-al-inset


My favourite from the park with the construction worker is the one a friend described as “Winston Churchill covered in Bees”


Made me LOL!



I have gone on calls where an inflatable santa is called in as a house fire, the bottom half of a scarecrow is a murder victim and a woman gives birth to a lamp. A lot.