Driver trucks up Peru's ancient Nazca Lines

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I was hoping the article might say something about the driver’s motivations. Even if he was just mentally ill, I would expect such things to happen much more frequently.

What are all the other straight lines in the picture? Surely they’re not also roads? The famous picture of the hummingbird is much cleaner.

Has anyone here actually been to see these? I imagine plane rides for tourists must be alarmingly expensive.


I imagine that the road existed before the lines were recognised as figures. Weren’t they just regarded as lines in the desert before someone flew over them sometime in the 20th century?

It’s been suggested that he left the road to avoid paying a toll. Apparently this has happened before.

It’s possible the road grew from a track that was used by the people who made the lines- this is probably the reason why the A303 is so close to Stonehenge.


Was he signalling to anyone?

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Wikipedia has some large images of some of them. The Tree has a nearby modern road in the photo for comparison.

Some of the extra lines do look like they might be off road trails :frowning:

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