Echoing Infowars, Trump lies that 'very dishonest' U.S. press are covering up terror attacks


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For the love of god and all that is holy.


Just waiting for a fake war with Albania to be declared.


Breathtaking in its hubris.

Basically saying the old adage of, “If it bleeds, it leads” is false.

The same truism that the guys who hate the corrupt media complain about. Can they have it both ways?


Why doesn’t the dishonest press mention the many that have happened here on Trump’s brief watch? Awfully quiet about those. Why are they covering for him? Sad!


Shockingly, even the WH missed the Bowling Green Massacre off their list.


As my favorite spaceship captain once said:

My days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.


Note that all of the U.S. attacks were carried out by US persons (even though they skip all of the white terrorist events). That seems to imply that existing immigrant vetting is quite effective.


Is this meant to take our minds off the fact that the most recent killing of U.S. citizens in the Middle East was thanks to a too-hasty op demanded by Trump?


Also, we need an energy dome to protect us from space unicorns. And the space unicorns should pay for it.


Stephen King has you covered:


Time to take bets on how long it will be before Trump declares that his opponents are really vampiric shape-shifting reptiles from Alpha Draconis.

Coming up in December 2018: Trump will make a speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8 in which he declares that the Apollo program was all a huge hoax filmed by Stanley Kubrick in soundstages on Earth.


It hasn’t even been 3 weeks. It hasn’t even been 3 goddam weeks of this bullshit. If I thought they were clever, I’d think they were intentionally trying to wear out our outrage, but I think they’re just happy idiots on a hamster wheel that keep running with every batshit crazy thinky thought that occurs to them. They’re like hack writers on a bad sci-fi show that would be in danger of getting canceled except that the head studio exec is a fan.


Merriam-Webster is attaking the WH again…


We watched the report on NBC of the attacker at the Louvre. they left out the fact that he was carrying paint bombs in his backpack. by the time of the report, we knew through other sources the attacker’s name, flight arrangements, and his intention to destroy some of the art. Why would they omit the paint bomb part? It makes no sense to me.



we can’t wait for nuclear holocaust. Fucking revolt.

Sincerely, the world.


Maybe because the time they had for the report they decided to focus on more important things. Did they report his intent to damage art? If so, the intent was clear and the method would be relatively unimportant, be it paint bombs, razor blades or handfuls of shit.

Or even NBC did have confirmation on the paint bombs.


Somewhere deep in Albania, a communist is smiling in his grave and thinking “I told you so”


Trump, it you don’t follow the news it’s your own fault.


For an elected leader capable of reason, it would be a dream - and a terrorist’s nightmare - to have an act of terrorism go totally ignored by the press.