Elizabeth Holmes offers to report to prison on May 30th

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Gee, how so very nice of her. /S


:thinking: I thought she was supposed to report in a few days. She’s had more than enough time to prepare. I wish they’d respond by “offering” her a ride first thing tomorrow morning!


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“technically” is doing some seriously heavy lifting here. I’m glad that journalists are trying to understand sentencing guidelines when reporting about incarceration but this is still way more misleading than any reflection of reality (I’m looking at Yahoo, not jlw).

20 years is the statutory maximum for the charges. The only way that really plays into the sentencing guidelines is that the sentence can’t be greater than the statutory limit.

Also, it’s extremely rare for sentences to be served consecutively, rather than concurrently and no reason to think they would here. Realistically, 20 years was the absolute maximum, and her sentence was just over half of that, not 14%. And again, that is of the statutory maximum not the sentencing guidelines.

As for those guidelines, her sentence was right in line with them. I worked it out after the verdict before sentencing, and I guessed (I’m not an expert at all in this, I just can read) between 10-15 years. So the judge came in at the lower end of my totally inexpert calculation, but within those bounds.

There is a lot to dislike about double standards of justice, but actual journalists writing that she was “sentenced to 14% of what the sentencing guidelines allow” is harmful not helpful.


This right here shows the inequality in the US justice system.

One class of criminal is detained on reading of the guilty verdict and another can ‘report’ to prison at some date later.

And as far as:

I wonder what persona she will adopt to survive in prison?

I really hope she goes with her public one involving the fake voice and turtle neck sweater. I’m sure it will be popular in genpop.

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I hate to say it but she probably will be popular. She seems well able to ingratiate herself to others when it serves her.


I’d like to share something I know from personal experience …

It’s infinitely better to have incarceration in your distant past than in your imminent future.

And I am eagerly awaiting the day when Trump gets fitted for his orange jumpsuit.


Thank you. The sentencing guidelines are imperfect but they do provide for generally standard sentencing and avoid the worst sort abuses and disparities you see at the state level – and a first time offender just doesn’t get the top end of the range.


I’m glad that’s well behind you, whatever shenanigans you might have engaged in (or been wrongfully convicted of!).


Can’t wait to read NYT pieces about Liz Holmes finding creative ways to help her fellow inmates.


Oh but she’s pretty! And white! And has blond hair! pfffff.

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Does the transportation to the facility involve a camper van and stops at Walmart along the way?

This is a federal sentence so she serves the full term, yes? If so, 11 years is a … long time.

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Madoff was also popular with his fellow inmates. Sociopaths are adept at turning on the charm for any given audience.


Given her history, it’s not impossible that Elizabeth wanted the extra time to try and get pregnant again, in order to complicate her incarceration.

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Good behavior credit normally works out to about 15% off the total, so she may walk in just under 10.


She saved the court a lot of trouble. /s


Pregnant women are often and regularly incarcerated in the US… it’s absolutely no complication whatsoever for all those women, so it should not be one for her.