Two years shaved off fraudster Elizabeth Holmes' prison sentence

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This is the key part. She didn’t have any time shaved off because she’s Elizabeth Holmes. Basically, they give you the good conduct credits at the beginning of your sentence, and then if you screw up, they start removing some of those credits and you serve more time up to the maximum you were sentenced to. What’s happened here is standard procedure. She’s not getting special treatment. Well…not any more than the standard special treatment white collar criminals get.


I wonder if they’ll give the pretty white person with friends at the NYT more free passes for breaking the visitation rules. She’s definitely the type to keep testing her sense of entitlement, so we’ll see.


Oh that will likely be her MO for the rest of her life. She’s probably still in complete disbelief that they actually put her in jail.

I got curious about other white collar criminals. I haven’t done a deep dive, but Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced to 24 years, 4 months in 2006. That should have kept him in jail, going by the 85% thing, until at least 2026. He was released to a halfway house in 2018 to serve out the rest of his sentence and was completely released from federal custody in 2019. Maybe the 85% rule came later? I dunno, but that’s bullshit. That guy should have died in jail.

ETA: Ok, prosecutors cut a deal with Skilling in 2013 to reduce his sentence to 14 years just to get him to stop filing appeals. Fucking bullshit.


Correct. This article is basically rage-bait.

Headline: “Was Elizabeth Holmes given a secret deal to shave two years off her term because she’s wealthy and the system is corrupt?!”

Article: “No, this is standard procedure for all federal prisoners”


Which doesn’t change the fact that the system is corrupt and treats the wealthy better.


Thank you, that answers my question of “how can they possibly give her time off for good behavior when she’s barely begun to demonstrate what kind of prisoner she’s going to be?”


And that doesn’t even count the 9+ years she walked free AFTER being arrested.
I’m surprised she did a single day, really.


…All the headline says is that two years were taken off, before the article goes on to explain why. Anything about a secret deal is something you brought to it. :confused:


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