Elizabeth Warren Confirmed to be Running in 2020


Maybe pick someone less sleazy and self-destructive? Tammy Duckworth comes to mind.


With the proper fitting she could be the one…



So your rebuttal to my accusation of whataboutism is more whataboutism. Nice.

that’s a pedantic take. he represented himself as being hope and change - the implication being electing a POC president would mean they would care about issues facing the working class. So that alone IMHO is worse - it’s worse to pretend to be holier than thou but do bad things than it is to own liking bad things and incorporate it as your platform (e.g. right-libertarianism)

Furthermore, his inaction on economic justice + his cowtowing to the democratic establishment (ex: refusing to endorse bernie in the primary or call out his kneecapping) contributed to an unwinnable election.

Since you seem to be set in your opinions and are just going to pedantically twist what I say, I’ll ask you just stop replying and maybe add any hot takes you have about how we should all love anyone who doesn’t start a gigantic oil war on the top level so I’m not pinged by them.



People bought into the GOP’s scare propaganda about Obama being the Most Liberal Senator ever, and were then surprised and disappointed to find that he actually was a highly charismatic but also highly cerebral, fairly middle-of-the-road Democrat.

And as long as the Democratic voters keep wishing for a liberal Messiah who will fulfill all their hopes and expectations, they will keep on being surprised and disappointed. Clinton would have surprised and disappointed them. So would have Sanders. And so would Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, AOC, or whomever else people pin all their hopes and dreams on.


The :clap: president :clap: is :clap: not :clap: the :clap: government


If only Al Franken kept his grubby hands to himself, he would have been the guy to do it.

Nothing would enrage Donny more than a comedian riffing on him and besting him as his own belittling game.

Facts? Statistics? They’re good, but America’s dumb-ass voters want a reality TV spectacle.


Or maybe Trump and Fam getting indicted and banished will turn enough people off to the loser’s game of trying to out-Trump Trump. :crossed_fingers:


I would love it if numbers, facts and reasonable policy dominated political arguments.

I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Maybe you’re right. I hope so.

If you haven’t seen “Vice” yet there’s a hidden clip after the credits:

Focus group “out take”: Trumper complains angrily about the film having a liberal bias, liberal guy in the same focus group says “well, these are all facts, how can the facts have a bias?” And of course a fist fight ensues, while the gum chewing teen comments to a person sitting next to her “I can’t wait for the new ‘Fast And Furious’ movie, I heard it’s going to be awesome!”


You do realize that she was in the minority party and is further to the left of many of her colleagues, yeah? Was she expected to go in and single handedly change congress over night, by herself?


I’m for taking the counter-power option. Vote for any Democrat (within reason, if there is an actual fascist in a primary then don’t vote for them), but continue fighting against third way liberalism like the world depends on it (which it might, depending on how essential you view humans as being to the world).
Just don’t rely on them to actually fix problems, that’s on us now.


In the big picture, vote your ideals in the primary. Vote as far left as you want, and get your friends and family to do the same. But in the general, we are a survival situation. Allowing Republicans to retain power equals death and destruction. Yes, we have been let down by Democratic politicians in the past and will again, because nothing and no one is perfect. But can anyone point to a Republican policy that you would favor over a Democratic one? It is incremental, and it is easy to argue that we need faster change than that. But our system only works incrementally. And if the choice is to start that journey with one step or sit it out and not take any steps, I suggest we start walking.


sure, she’d be better than Trump, but undoing Trump’s fuckery will require a visionary leader. Warren, like the rest of the Democrats, will have to show that she’s up to the challenge.


The survival situation is in the primary.

Climate and war; the continuation of imperial capitalist business-as-usual, whether it be under a Democratic or Republican President, would be globally catastrophic.

We are out of time. There is no more room for corrupt incrementalism.


I feel this is too early, she’s even earlier with this announcement than Ted Cruz was last time. Nearly two years before the election, it’s slightly mad.

I agree but I fear the worst. I can’t imagine an actually progressive US, it’s just not happening.


It looks like the DSA-LSC is thinking the same as I am.


I see that, like any good leftist group, the DSA has factionalized.


It’s less factionalisation and more “we have persuaded some anarchists that tactical voting is worthwhile, and they want their voices heard”.

Of course, you could tell them that they shouldn’t vote. That will really help the Democrats in 2020. /s


The DSA has had some internal drama, and while I’m hardly digging them a grave, I do look askance at the recapitulation of dynamics that have destroyed many an organization before and hence. Things have died down for now, but I’m curious to see just how long the DSA can remain a singular fulcrum for everyone on the American left.




Alternatively, we have no time to waste with people uselessly hoping and waiting for revolutionary change to come and solve our problems.