Elizabeth Warren Confirmed to be Running in 2020


Another Senator who was just reelected to serve MA. for 6- years…
and who now will be out-of-state for 2- years making the rounds…
She is not fulfilling the job for which she was elected.
Broken promises.


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Cool, thanks!


That is also true for John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Richard Ojeda II.

Are you connected with Julian Castro’s campaign?


Nah… she happens to be my Senator …heh


Yes…because how awful would it be to ave another Obama for 4-8 years. No no…by all means…let’s have a Trump again!!!

For fucks sake I am sick of the false equivalency. Yeah I get it…Obama was not perfect and you wanted someone more left leaning, more progressive. But he was progress and a hell of a lot better than any other POTUS I have seen in my life time and that goes back to Carter.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


Right now given the field…that’s Kamala Harris. It could also be Cory Booker, if he were decide to run…but I do not think he is going to.


“In Georgia, Booker met Saturday with his former law school classmate Stacey Abrams, whose underdog campaign for Georgia governor made her one of the standout Democratic candidates of the 2018 midterm election cycle — and a possible kingmaker in the next. A spokesperson for Booker confirmed the meeting but would not give further detail on what was discussed.” -CNN

Oh man! A Booker / Abrams ticket would blow the minds of many!.

Sadly not this time around. (Sigh)



We had a lot of Hillary campaigners suddenly appearing three-four years ago who would make accusations against Bernie, and Bernie supporters doing the same to Hillary, so some of us are a bit suspicious of new accounts attacking Democratic presidential candidates.


No problem or apology needed!
We appreciate Sen. Warren, that’s why we want to KEEP HER! lol,
But I guess we’ll have to share…!
I consider the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau her greatest achievement and hope, despite D’John, that it remains and after 2020
will be fully functioning again.

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