Elon Musk making unfunny Hitler jokes in support of the Canadian anti-vax mandate convoy

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Musk has so much power over confused fanboys that I’m afraid even more new baby Nazis are being formed every time he does this.


And he doesn’t give a shit, either.


Who do you think are going to be his first human Neurolink volunteers?


Normally I try to pre-empt the usual fanbois in Musk topics. This time I invite them to show up and try to defend their God-Emperor.


The good thing about all the pro-arsehole trucker arguments I have seen on, say Twitter, is that I can look at it and go “yes, that is absolutely a different situation. You are not being treated unfairly”.

So much butthurt whining from them. If they were indigenous people or leftists protesting say tar sands they would have been freezing water canoned, tear gassed, baton charged, rubber bulleted, and kettled in the freezing weather out of shelter right from the get go. No emergency order needed. Just the standing order to fuck over indigenous people and leftits.

Fuck the noise from these seeping arseholes.


I didn’t need more evidence that Elon Mush is human garbage, but his fans may.


Bad on so many levels. Obv, the surface level pro-Hitler part, but also there is nothing worthwhile about the protests themselves to support.

Of course, aren’t the truck protests also fucking his competitors supply lines in Detroit? I am sure that has nothing to do with it.

@papasan - sadly, for them this is more evidence that he is their kinda guy!


“He was joking, and besides it IS like nazi germany…”

Stressed Season 3 GIF by Parks and Recreation


The thing that baffled me about the whole situation is how the cops pointed to the (genuine) challenges of physically removing large trucks(especially given the cultural identification between operators of trucks large enough to tow large trucks and truck drivers); but then acted like their hands were tied.

At least in the US context, the CDL you need to legally operate a truck requires additional training; but it can also be suspended or lost for a variety of motor vehicle violations(in some cases even if you are operating a different vehicle); and even certain non-vehicle crimes.

Unless a Canadian Class 1 is significantly different in that regard; I would have imagined that “deliberately halt truck to block traffic in violation of orders not to” would be the sort of activity that would allow the government to , de jure see to it that there are no more commercial truckers blockading the border in relatively short order; even if, de facto, there are still some trucks remaining to be towed away.

Maybe that’s a nuclear move, I’ve never been accused of being a master diplomat; but when a protest is(allegedly) made up of people whose business depends on a special-class drivers license and consists of egregious traffic violations it seems like it would be a downright trivial exercise in photography and getting judges to work a little overtime to clean up the matter.


Enjoy our Twitter feed. I tried then realized that I’d better stop before I start getting threats and have to call the ADL, again.


I really wish they would stop calling this an anti-vaccine mandate protest. Its’ all smoke. It is a pathetic attempt to pitch a big tent, gather rubes and useful idiots to provide cover for far-right extremists. And it’s not the first attempt - see: United We Roll.

The presence of far-right extremists destroys automatically any legitimacy, in my particular wide open eyes. If there were even tenuous links to, let’s say, Islamic extremists, “pedo guy” and other insufferable commentators would deafen us with their collective silence.


The other thing I keep reading is how few actual truckers were involved in any of the protests or blockades. Apparently for every trucker at the protest, there were 20 complaining about how real truckers were not in favour of the “protest” and how it was distracting from the real grievances of wage theft, poor working conditions, and so on.

No wonder a shitty employer like Musk was for the protests.


I’m not surprised… these fanbois love a good swarm on anyone who has any criticism of their dear leader… It really sucks you have to deal with it and I hope the ADL has your back.


Maybe it’s time to start considering a rebranding of Tesla.

Perhaps FolksWagon?


That was my first thought too. News reports have been saying the auto industry is one of the sectors hardest hit by the supply line interruptions. So either Elon is an idiot supporting the people who are hurting his business or his company gets their parts elsewhere and he’s enjoying this because it’s killing his competitors.


The real reason Musk is upset is that Canada one-punched his crypto-god by freezing bank accounts, then sanctioning the exchanges.


He’s learned a valuable historic lesson, it seems:

“First they came for the cryptobros, and I did not speak out—“



And because these actions deflate the libertarian fantasy that cryptourrencies allow people to make financial transactions without governmental regulation or oversight.

Seems like pretty standard right wing hyperbole at this point to paint any governmental action they don’t like as nazism.


At this point it’s pretty clear Musk is a quintessential tr0ll, and he’s actually pleased by this shit.