Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for $41.39bn in cash

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The problem is that Twitter has established itself as the major social media network, and as Trump’s attempt to build his own has shown, building an alternative hasn’t worked out, and that’s not just down to Trump’s incompetence. Musk is a dick, but he’s not as stupid as Trump.

Of course not… Free speech is for wealthy white men, not the rest of us criticizing him.

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Of course. It will only make things worse, and exacerbate the fascist problem that social media helped cause.


We all know how twitter can be abused by nefarious individuals to harm our democracy and our country. It behooves us to destroy twitter before it falls into the hands of an “absolutist” like musk.

Its in our power to destroy it by simply refusing to use it.

This isn’t an offer made in good faith. It’s way too low for the Twitter board to accept, and Musk knows that. He bought a bunch of shares, made a lot of noise to drive the price up, which hasn’t really worked as well as he’d hoped. So now he’s saying this to drive it up a little more before bailing and selling what he bought. He’s just manipulating the market, and he’ll probably get away with it.


Also we can levitate the Pentagon to end the war in Vietnam.


The guy is like a toddler with a gun.


Toddlers would not be responsible for their actions in that analogy, as few of them are familiar with the concept of safe handling of firearms, the permanence of death, etc. Musk, on the other hand, is actively malicious.

I’m thinking more along the lines of what Chuck McGill said about his brother:


(It may be an unfair overgeneralization of chimps, many of whom I’m sure are very nice, but there’s definitely some asshole chimps out there who you wouldn’t want armed.)


Musk, who calls himself a free-speech absolutist,

Serious question, how many people does he have blocked on Twitter. Is there a way to find that out?


It is in my power to personally refuse to use Twitter. It is not in my power to stop those who are using Twitter to harm society from using it.

“We have the power to end Twitter” is true only in the same sense that Lennon’s proclamation “War is over! (If you want it)” was true. Ending the thing would require a lot of cooperation from people who don’t agree the thing is inherently problematic in the first place.


Can’t tell if you are disappointed or surprised, but I ain’t both.

We need to change this reality, otherwise I am going to need more blue pills.

This is the problem with billionaires - we all become beholden to their stupid whims. One of them gets some dumb idea in their head, and entire industries transform. It’s like being stuck in an abusive relationship you can’t leave.

It reminds me of when Zuckerberg decided he was going to cure death, and there went hundreds of millions of dollars into that brilliant venture.


No, there are enough who agree it is problematic to end it right now. It would just be inconvenient.

By Pfitzer?


Make backups of all the cave rescue tweets before it goes down the memory hole.


According to that show Upload on Amazon, that’s exactly what his brilliant, totally not stupid “Horizon Worlds” VR venture will eventually become. I can hardly wait.


how much you want to bet he gives trump his account back


How would we go about ending Twitter without the consent and cooperation of any of the people who own, use, or profit from Twitter?


I would certainly rather we have a baseline food, shelter, and healthcare safety net for when folks need it vs a handful of oligarch-like celebs.


consent? cooperation?

Just stop using it. Thats all you need to do. No traffic, no users, sap its value and let it whither.

If anybody deserves a Chicago Sunroof, it’s Musk.