Emergency broadcast alert warns TV viewers that the world is going to end on Saturday


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/22/emergency-broadcast-alert-warn.html


Come on Planet X and make up for the no show by Giant Meteor!


Planet X, Niberu, Red Pachinko, etc, has been ready to doom us next week since at least 1995.


The preponderance of incredibly stupid people who fall for this sort of stuff makes me wish that the World actually would end.


It’s actually Pluto coming after us, for having demoted it from planet status.


Saturday in which timezone is this disaster supposed to hit actually?


Makes about as much sense as climate change. There are very fine theories on both sides.


I think that’s tomorrow?


Jesus, a little more notice next time, please!


Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.


On his way… but the whole thing seems pretty Mickey Mouse, to me.




Prior planning! Of course! That’s my problem! I’ve been trying to plan afterward all this time.


Normally, playing games with the emergency messaging system would merit a swift butt-kicking from the FCC.


Wait, who are the alleged conspirators here?


Crab people


but… but… wouldn’t that prove their point?


No, Jesus specifically said there would be no warning. Which makes these folk even more suspect.


Also reported on Gizmodo. There was at least one other broadcast which used audio from an episode of Coast to Coast:

The episode they used from C2C really shows their hand as a prankster.


Not if it occurred without a warning from their scam-artist overlord.