Epic glove ad explains benefits of gloves


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yes i just sit up all night watching all the corporate training videos


“Which gloves?”



I resent gloves.

It’s like my fingers have been stuffed into solitary confinement cells.

Don’t talk to me about mittens, either. That’s worse, in its steamy woolen Black-Hole-of-Calcutta way.

I’m a Minnesota boy: I carry gloves in the winter. But it’s a bitter cold day when you catch me wearing them.


Counterpoint: I hate having cold hands. I also like socks with toes if they fit properly (and hate them if they don’t… and most of them don’t).


Every cliche apart from using the words synergy and paradigm.


yes… gloves… must obey… gloves


Gloves may protect you from disease, but the real question is “will they protect you when you need them the most, or will they switch allegiance because House Bolton came to their aid against the Ironborn?”


The best part was the chairman wearing pink gloves with his formal suit. And the song. I thought they were going to rhyme ‘glove’ with ‘love’ somewhere but I guess that would have been too obvious. Better to rhyme glove with words like ‘world’ and ‘integrity.’ Also the people marching in a tight circle for some reason. And the paper airplane at the end, i didn’t catch the connection to gloves, may need to watch again.

But hey, being number 1 in the world and owning your own skyscraper could mean they’re doing something right…


This is weirdly charming. I love the karaoke section.


Should have used Top Gloves!


I especially liked the black-and-white old-timey photo of their rustic “first factory” way back in good-old…1991?


Oh man, that made me cringe because it follows almost the exact arc of our corporate video – I always cringe as I watch ours. The stiff CEO reading his script; shots of folks in the lab; ISO certs; etc – total deja vu.



At least you’re making good use of your time!


My hands get hot in gloves, but the skin chaps in cold air, I wear them,


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