Europeans: sign petition calling on EU leaders to stop mass surveillance programmes


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I prefer it when European business/political types stand in rows for awkward group photographs. Unlike when our (American) business/political types stand in awkward rows, at least the clothes fit. And they often wear ties!

Well, usually.
[enter link description here][1]

PS: It’s nice to see some continued momentum on this issue, wherever in the world it’s happening.

First they need to kick out the UK, the boot-licking fifth column of the US. I had hoped they’ll leave on their own but the whiny EU critics in the UK seem slightly less noisy nowadays. Instead of undermining any effort in the EU to protect their citizens they can partner with their Big Daddy USA in abolishing every single civil right/liberty and/or human right.

Or like those 'Murricans like to say: If you don’t like it here - leave!

I would have thought this would have been a effective argument when debating with other Scots on the coming vote on independence.
It seems the majority of Scots have a rosy-tinted view of cowboys or something.

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