Europe's "The Final Countdown" as a spaghetti western theme


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A vast improvement over the original.


There can be only one…


That was fucking awesome. It’s like a 30 year old and 45~ year old falling in love on the internet and finally finding their true selves.


I played this, very, very poorly, in 5th or 6th grade band.


Aren’t you glad sometimes that youtube didn’t exist when we were kids?


That worked out quite well… unlike the original version of the song.


That is also a vast improvement over the original!


That and, unlike my cousins, we were too poor for a VCR or a video recorder.

All I know is there are probably IRC chat logs that will prevent me from ever holding public office.

ETA - besides the fact we were young, our teacher was one of the worst teacher I have ever had. He physically could not yet. He had no control of his class and we were asshole kids.

When I moved and went to a different school, suddenly instead of ONE scale, they played a dozen different ones -and holy shit - I was woefully behind the curve.


Came to say the same thing, this is awesome! Paging Quentin Tarantino!


I also really like their cover of Across the Universe:

One of their most well-known songs (thanks to Iron Sky) is also a cover by another Slovenian band (who kindly provided backing vocals):

These guys have really elevated cover songs into an artform, I think.

I kind of wonder if cover songs in different genres would be a thing if it hadn’t been for Laibach’s intervention into the whole cover game…

Also, ballad of a thin man cover:

This was great live…


I like this song by them that is a German cover of Queen’s One Vision

Chaser if it isn’t your cup of tea with the original.


This was the first thing I thought when I saw this posting.


Their cover of One Vision is brilliant. The original song, while well intentioned is actually pretty damn horrifying if you really think of what the lyrics are saying.

Laibach just brought these disturbing themes into the foreground with the ominous German lyrics and militaristic sound.


Oh no, it totally is a cover of One Vision!

it’s my sneaking suspicion that they read that 1976 Bowie interview and Playboy where he said something about how Hitler staged a country like a rock star stages show and decided to run with it and have made an entire career out of that. [quote=“ficuswhisperer, post:14, topic:88330”]
Laibach just brought these disturbing themes into the foreground with the ominous German lyrics and militaristic sound.

Whenever anyone asks if Laibach are actually Nazis, I kind of know they don’t get them.


I forgot to remove the word “basically”.


The Spaghetti Western version has now become my second favorite version after Laibach’s. A close second.

I’m rather fond of their cover of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” just for the absurdity value if nothing else.

I’m so, so glad there was no social media or internet (in any but the most rudimentary, inaccessible forms) growing up. So many opportunities to permanently embarrass myself with youthful art projects avoided.


No. The only music I heard growing up was whatever Top 40 station I could pick up on my Sony Walkman.


I’d suspect that’s true of lots of us, actually.


Brilliant! When will we get to see it over a showdown on Westworld?