Even Pat's Steaks is roasting Dr. Oz

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As a Philadelphian, I have no love for Pat’s, Geno’s, or Dr Oz. But, I can recognize a temporary ally when I see it. Good job, Pat. For once, you demonstrate taste.


Not surprising that the more posed and official looking photo is at Genos. Their owners also live in Jersey. And they’re also racist, Trumped up idiots.


So I gather, yeah; Geno’s is the racist one.

My jam in Philly is Monk’s Cafe, btw


Monks is great.

But it’s not really talking cheese steak spots.

Pat’s and Genos are both approximately garbage. They are for tourists and being drunk at 3am.

I’ve been getting cheese steaks at Campos a lot lately. Dalessandro’s is awesome and John’s roast pork has a damn good cheese steak, though their roast pork is hit or miss.

The thing about Pat’s and Genos is you can get a better steak at most pizza places and street carts. The whole “rivalry” there is about as manufactured as the one between NYC pizza and Chicago Deep Dish.


This makes the whole thing a pretty half assed PR stunt. Has more to do with the Vento family’s self promotion and heavy donations to the GOP.

Conservative politicians usually do an appearance posing like they’re serving steaks at Geno’s to appear working class. Pat’s is across the street so it looks like they literally walked across the street and pointed vaguely.

This is how Oz’s opponent responded:


I’m really going to enjoy watching “Dr” Oz lose this election, but in the meantime I’m enjoying the show. Big
energy from Oz.


Even Pat’s Steaks is roasting Dr. Oz

Really? There’s no way that’s gonna taste good. :frowning_face:


True, but there’s something so satisfying about watching those grill masters at work! :smiling_imp:

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Even Snooki from Jersey Shore is calling Oz out too, so:


Jesus Christ. That shit’s burying the the lede. Cardiac surgeon Oz attacking Fetterman for worrying to much about his health and describing recovering from a stroke as hiding from voters.

He’s losing the polls to Fetterman by 10 points. Fetterman basically hasn’t been able to campaign till right now. And Oz is still losing by 10 points.


I hope Oz doesn’t head over to Cooper’s Seafood House in Scranton. I only get to eat there once a year when I’m in town, and I don’t want him to contaminate the place.


I was amazed to hear he was an actual doctor considering all woo-spewing he has done. Was glad to hear that he actually helped some people out -with heart surgery. Too bad he is total schlock-slinger dbag otherwise.


I believe eating seafood in Scranton is against medical recommendations.

The Geno’s stop has to do with the way the Vento family, despite being from and living in South Jersey. Portray themselves as the sorta central, definitional family and leaders of South Philly.

The late Joey Vento (Fuck Joey Vento) father of the current owner was often mockingly called the mayor of South Philly.

He had a habit of holding press conferences in front of the store, or the Harley Davidson merch shop they own across the street. To make vast statements about what South Philly would and would not accept. Stir shit about immigration that sort of thing.

They made a big stink about not serving anyone who didn’t speak English, still have signs to that effect. Despite the fact that Joey Vento’s own father is off the boat from Italy and never learned to speak English.

It’s kind of a perfect match. They claim some sort spokesman, power broker position in the South Philly Italian community.

But they’re from and live in Jersey. Like Oz.

They’re also assholes. Like Oz.

Everyone in South Philly fucking hates them. Like Oz.

Right wing pols showing up at Genos is that part of campaign season where every candidate goes to eat NY Pizza and gets caught doing it with a spoon.

So unless the Seafood house A) serves a local street food classic that REAL AMERICANs would clog their arteries with. And B) is run by a local ultra right wing gadfly who donates heavily to the GOP.

You’re probably fine. Sounds like it takes actually paying attention to Scranton to know that’s there too. So no chance.


Monk’s does do a seitan cheesesteak which my mostly-vegetarian self does really appreciate, fwiw. :slight_smile:

The Fetterman response to Oz’s tweet is absolutely baller btw


Brain is still parsing that as “Pat Sajak is roasting Dr. Oz”


That’s actually a lot more common than you think. Even Campos does a vegetarian steak, Cosmi’s Deli just started doing full on vegan ones.


Pat Sajak roasting Dr. Oz

Worst primetime TV special ever.


Sadly that wouldn’t happen. Pat Sajak’s politics are pretty shitty, it turns out, and would align well with Fake Dr. Oz. People like Sajak (who is enjoyable to watch on his game show) make me wish Twitter didn’t exist. I don’t want to know all the terrible things in peoples’ heads.


Another vote for Monks! Been looking forward to another visit once covid calms down a bit more. It gets cozy in there.