Even the woo industry thinks Gwyneth Paltrow's "smoothie dust" ads are too much

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(remember the time she told women to steam their vaginas, a practice that can lead to burns [duh] and bacterial imbalances, and which provides none of the claimed benefits?)
How else are you supposed to get the wrinkles out?
but finally, she and her lifestye site Goop have gone too far, prompting even the National Ad Division (the self-regulating arm of the unregulated "supplement" industry) to tell her knock it off.
"Woo tells Woo it's too Woo for Woo"

The woo industries have done something that the Republicans were too paralyzed to do. Tell an overt and bad actor “shut up, you’re giving away the scam!”


From the sound of things, these ‘dusts’ are the same sorts of things you can get to ‘boost’ your smoothies at various juice bars.

But holy jumping heck, 2.2 ounces (15 servings, though they say “don’t be afraid to double dose!”) is $65. SIXTY FIVE DOLLARS for dried herbs and mushrooms.

Or you can get six jars for $340. A bargain!


Is this anything like Dillo Dust?


Well, on the plus side, she can sleep soundly at night knowing she is conning mostly people who can afford it. it isn’t like poor people throwing money away at the lottery or something.


remember the time she told women to steam their vaginas, a practice that can lead to burns [duh]

Well duh on you! You’re doing it wrong, you need to use the concentrated essence of liquid cooled steam. It’s a little expensive but your vagina will thank you except if you’re male.


I am all for banning any claims for anything.

You buy whatever you need, and you decide what it is good for. The only valid claims are knowing what exactly you buy.

Unfortunately, this would largely gut the enormous industry of marketing, which has had its bullshit artistry protected since time immemorial. I am not interested in having it approved for some things and not others, it needs to cease.

Pffff. These have nothing on ‘Bug Powder Dust’.


Tryin’ like hell to not blow my cover!

I think you mean artisanal, gluten-free, GMO-free all-organic steam that’s been sustainably harvested from water that’s been constantly smiled at.

And I’ll have you know that I use Moon Steam on my mangina daily. It thanks me (audibly)


Once again I swear if it weren’t for being a decent human being I would be making good money.


OMG, at least Mr. Lifto was honest about why he did things.
NSFW (or some peoples sanity though I personally was disappointed he was not allowed to do the full act when I saw the Jim Rose Show in St. Louis)

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Cocaine is legal in England?

Is that’s what’s in it?

I was thinking more along these lines:


“Larue Tactical?” They make Mission BBQ sound like wannabes.

Well, to be fair, they are primarily known for their quick detatch scope mounts that return to zero when removed and replaced, and have moved into making their own barrels, triggers, and other parts.

The dillo dust is a side project and often a give-away with order. I hear it is really good, though. They also make this handy thing that you put on a paint can that allows you to stir it and pour it cleanly.

Make sure you bang the water now and then to make sure it has the right memories or whatever mumble mumble mumble