Exceedingly eerie preserved corpses of the Palermo Catacombs




Shall I anticipate the reappearance of Cadaveri Eccellenti? Lino Ventura is missed.


Ya, 'cause she’s a zombie:


Stunning, literally stunning. Thanks for the post.


I hear that the tomb smells like cappuccino flavored Lays:


The article reads like the lines of carnival barker trying o lure passersby into buying the book. That was far from necessary, and makes me want to do anything but.


One of the strangest places I’ve ever visited. https://www.flickr.com/photos/the_cha/2639965472/in/photolist-52huBs-52dhi4-52hvL5-52hy1w-52hz7S-52di62-52dhu2-52djii-52hyEJ-52diQi-52dhKk-52hxtA-52djHM-52dfkX-52hxc1-52dgWT-52dgNa-52dgqM-52hveJ-52hvB1


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