EXP TV has a huge lineup of retro found footage

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(edit) Snark aside, this is pretty cool. If I get laid off, I know what I’m going to do my first week of unemployment.

(edit2) This video was just on – I was able to track it down on YouTube – and if this channel doesn’t bring me anything else of joy, at least it brought me this:


I really need some context for this!

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Whoa! NSFW… or kids. I was about to show this to my SW obsessed son when a quick scan revealed several soft-core porn parodies embedded within. Maybe a little warning in the headline, perhaps?

After A Star Wars Christmas… all related contexts got blown out the airlock.

Holy shit, I love this.

Right now it’s music videos, feels like the Adult Swim staff got access to MTV’s 1986-1991 catalog and ran wild with it.

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