Facebook to demand "clear photo of your face"

There was a not one single app or web service which I have allowed to have anything other than my email.

Clear photo​:nauseated_face::-1:

When you’re in Manila on that holiday you always dreamed of and the police bust your head and chuck you in a black van, your thoughts will wander toward exactly what it is you posted about Prez Duterte on that website, and how could anyone connect you to it IRL.

Because, you see, information is money.

I’m not Putin you on.


More times than I can count, I have encountered sites that will not allow me to just create a login but insist that I provide them with my facebook or Google, (or sometimes twitter) account credentials. Those sites may contain the keys to eternal youth, happiness, and infinite wealth, but I will never see them because I have none of the above.


I just don’t want to think about the possibility that my 74 year old mother might dutifully follow instructions from facebook and send in her photo.


I did. Unfortunately there is a criminal with my IRL name and I wanted to ensure I got there first. However, as after setting up the absolute minimum information and maximum privacy I have never looked at it or logged in, I expect they will now delete the account.


A veritable Helvetica Scenario https://youtu.be/rqfSqUuo7Ms

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I am actually surprised that they did not request it earlier. I suppose that if fingerprint scanners were ubiquitous, they would also request your fingerprint. They already routinely request a scan of an identification documents when they have a doubt.

Facebook core business is to manage and sell identification. They want one account per person and that person to be real and linked to an official id.

Now, Facebook has 2 billions users. In the USA, they have 80% of adult internet users. Let that sink in for a moment and tell me how one is going to use the Internet without Facebook in 5 years.


I have been using the internet without Facebook or Twitter for two years now, and I’ll tell you how I’m using it: with lots and lots of extra spare time and not the slightest exposure to trolley farm-generated news and cyber bullying (other than the msm quoting POTUS).


Really? I don’t doubt it, but I’ve never encountered any that didn’t have a ‘create account’ somewhere, though sometimes rather hidden. I’d probably contact their support, because I am cranky and happy to waste my time for losing causes.

What I keep running into is restaurants and similar that have a FB page rather than a website, and have it set (probably accidentally) so you can’t view it if you aren’t logged in.


“Please post a clear photo of your book.”


Obviously, we can still use the Internet without Facebook today.

But financing is causing problem. Advertisement is not bringing enough revenue. When 80% of the users are on Facebook, the alternative for commercial web sites looks like

  • business as they are doing today
  • become Facebook only, and lose 20% of the users that bring the most effort and the less revenue

Keep in mind that there is another huge monopoly: google. You cannot really do without google today. Technically, you can, but it is a major inconvenience especially if you want to use a smartphone. As a consequence of that market dominance, the overwhelming majority of web sites use google advertisement and analytics services. Facebook business model is to do just the same.


What the holy screaming hell? That is crazy! And it’s 100% real!


Is there a polite way to put “go zuck yourself”?


if it’s anything like the petty france requirements it’s magnum target thing

So what if i have an secondary account because of reasons (witness protection, transgengender, lost password, identity theft) will they denie me a new Account? Will they connect / link my old Account? Will i be autotaged on old shoolphotos?

Maybe i missed it but what do they do if they find that for the algorithm i look like some already uploaded face?


“Just delete your Facebook” is the “I don’t even own a TV” of the 21st century.

Facebook is legitimately useful and convenient for a lot of people, which is why we get angry about this stuff instead of just shrugging and ignoring it. It’s not just email for idiots.


A multitude of dogs and cats now need to comb their hair and look straight at the camera.


haha! I never created a Facebook account in the first place! Take that, hipsters!


Facebook terms of service prohibit the creation of secondary accounts for any reason. Do not forget that, as a private company, they are under no obligation to give you an account at all.


Exactly! There’s no need to submit to Facebook. The sites need viewers. I do the same – if a site only has FB for an authentication method, well, nice knowing you.

FB needs to be stopped!