Facebook users vent outrage at Spielberg for hunting triceratops




Now we know the real reason the sauropods went extinct!

Damn you, Steven Spielberg! Everyone knows that if you have a time machine, the first thing you do is kill Hitler!


Jay’s comment that you quote is satire. The reality is a lot worse.


I prefer this one (Zach Weiner specializes in that stuff):


Given that this picture is similar to the pictures from the Big Game Hunting Cheerleader that caused all the furor recently, I suspect that the poster and a lot of the commenters were in on the joke, and just mocking the anti-hunting response to the BGHC’s pictures. Just a guess. Certainly, as a friend wrote, it’s now impossible to tell the difference on the internet between real stupidity and satirical stupidity…


I scrolled through a bunch of responses, and there seems to be lots of responses along the lines of “OMG triceratopses are extinct, duh” but I’m not sure if those are directed at the original poster, or commenters earlier in the thread.


This photo was actually posted on Twitter a few months ago, but it never got off the ground. This may provide some insight into the relative intelligence levels of Facebook and Twitter users.


Oh come on, you know that never works.


Hmm… I’m not too sure about drawing any conclusions here. You’re going to have to cross-post to youtube and yahoo answers.


I had an outline for a short story where a guy went back to kill Hitler - only to find out that his death meant someone more competent and a better strategist took over the Nazi party, leading to Germany conquering Europe. So they had to send a guy back in time to stop the Hitler assassinator.


But then it turned out that the Hitler assassin’s body contained some technology that allowed Hitler to take over the world…


Brilliant! They find the assassin’s assassin first, who carried a pocket guide to WWII - letting them know about all the future major battles.


I wonder how Spielberg would feel if he realized he’d just killed the last one of these noble, beautiful beasts.


I read somewhere another short story. A time traveler gets caught, disarmed, brought to an auditorium packed with other time travelers. Hitler comes in, and talks about how he just means good and why they are wanting to kill him. One insufficiently disarmed traveler takes a hidden gun, and shoots Hitler dead. One bodyguard then looks at the other one; “The people must not know this! What will we do?” “We have that body-double, but he’s crazy…”


Ah, a new age version of dihydrogen monoxide gullibility test. I like it!


I will give 100K for naked pictures of him.



Well, they are now!


story where a guy went back to kill Hitler - only to find out that his
death meant someone more competent and a better strategist took over the
Nazi party

Well there’s Stephen Fry’s Making History with that plot, but I’ve got a nagging feeling that’s not the only example.


To me, it just shows where the real hate is.
And I’m not even a hunter…