Facebook's new product: every-room cameras for your home


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I predict 100 million people will buy it to show all their friends videos of their children and cats. And selfies of themselves doing whatever the new “challenge” is fashionable.


Alex, I’ll take “Digital Weather Radio Clocks Looking for New Markets” for 100.




Yeah um no. Funny how Orwell’s 1984 predicted the government would put cameras into people’s homes, but it turns out big business is the one that really wants to.

I’d rather not live in a Black Mirror episode, thanks. Except maybe “San Junipero”.



too much?


That’s What I Call


Facebook’s newest product is “Portal…”

Hello and, again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center…


I’m sure Zuckerberg has them in his home - in every room.


Yeah, this name ShitBook has chosen has trademark infringement written all over it.



Threw out my oculus rift because of these assholes. fuck facebook and fuck zuck.


will boing boing PLEASE delete their facebook? Stop embedding their fucking trackers in the website. I actually like this website.


Don’t enter the site from the front page, and use ad blockers.


I really like the way you spell


Gov doesn’t really have to. Thru the magic of the warrant-less wiretap, they can just sit back and soak it all in.


This just in: Facebook teams with Roomba under a Data Sharing Agreement. Roomba will sell FB room specs data that they’ve, uh, sucked up so FB can figure out exactly how much space you have available to fill with useless shit.


Facebook always was a data mine with some social media window dressing, I see they’re becoming more and more brazen about it. Introducing a new “product” that of course already exists in every smartphone, I have no doubt all it really does is track everything it sees so that they can sell whatever data they get from it.



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