(FAKE) The most intense street fight you will ever see


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only one thing could have made that better and given a clear cut victory to one of them…


I’m on Team Yellowjacket. The other guy looks like he started it.


Somebody less lazy than me should add laser blasts or wizard magic or something.


Totally not staged.
Completely real and a sad reflection on our time.



“Why don’t you be polite you stinking puss-bag!”

Ohhh, New York City, don’t you go changing.


You can totally tell that this is Europe because if this was in the US these guys would have come to blows already.


It’s the verbage that comes with it that makes it what it is.
“Hey! Git da fuck outta heah!”
“Hey, fuck you’s!”


What we are witnessing here folks is a rare lab-perfect demonstration of “I’m rubber and you’re glue” as the “fuck you” is bounced back and forth, only ever sticking to one side for the briefest of split seconds.


Hey, I just had this same episode with my cat last night!


“no, fuck you infinity times a bajillion plus one”


Have i got the perfect video for this


Even though it seemed pretty clearly staged to me, I still laughed.


I’m surprised it didn’t come to double-birds.





awesome !!!


And Guile’s theme music.


well that escalated quickly.

i am surprised they didn’t resort to double-handed finger flings.


this is pretty much my internal dialog.