(FAKE) The most intense street fight you will ever see


You can’t triple flip a double flip! You can’t triple flip a double flip! Lloyd! LLOYD! You can’t triple flip a double flip!


Best one I saw in Manhattan (a real one) was one angry yelling guy chasing another guy down 14th St. wielding a wooden chair leg. It was awesome.


Once upon a time I saw two poets get into a fight in a Philly café over who was more working class.

“I heard you been telling people about my ‘trust fund.’ How come you never told ME huh? Cause I got NO FUCKING MONEY.”

Other guy just grabs the kid by the throat and holds him up against the window. Kid screams for the cops, thug poet leaves, cop comes in and asks about a dozen people if we saw anything, everybody says no.

It was very East Coast.


like putty! in my hand . . . these business boys!


It would have been simply resolved by calling on the “No Backsies” rule. Amateurs…


Holy SHIT does that music make me want to slap magazines into guns and tie bandannas around body parts


This is exactly what a fight with my mom looks like. If she’s really pissed she pulls out “the finger dance”.


This is when I want more than just the “like” can give; I want facebook’s sad face…


When I lived in the 'hood, I once was about to call the cops on a couple of guys I heard across the street, with every other word being “fuck” and “shit”, and then I realized they were having a conversation. A conversation audible across the street.


That’s too bad. I was hoping they were deaf.


“Never let poets lie to you.”


Translation: “When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet all the way…”


Double-birds may have been a slight breach of etiquette, like going straight from a double dog dare to a triple dog dare.




Careful observation of the video will show that the entire body posture is playing a role in the giving of the finger. Like a boxers’ right hook is starting at his left toe, these birds were being dealt with their entire bodies. Clearly the double bird delivers some extra punch for the casual user, but these were not mere amateurs.



and… done!


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