Family finds pepperoni swastika on their Little Caesars pizza

Agreed. The different standards are definitely part of what I’m talking about when I mention the things we (as a culture) have hand-waved off for white boys.


I agree; it’s better than pizza. Pizza plus. Pizzissima?


Is excused all/nothing? In the way it’s used most, I think it is.

Why bring it up? You don’t have to be excusing anyone to further the context of their actions. If we’re talking of judgement or punishment don’t we want full context? Shouldn’t judgements and punishments be gradients/on a spectrum?

I think it’s important context that this was done by kids/teens and that they break things on purpose. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be punished or fired (as you mention the consequences are part of learning and growing), but it may mean they should be treated differently than an adult with other circumstances who did the same thing.


And generally have learned well before they get into their teen years where those hard limits are.


The ad campaign that Little Ceasers is pushing right now, features a stuntman called “Nuts von Crazy”. As much mental health problems as this pandemic is causing, you’d think they might have given this a second thought. Bottom line, I don’t expect much sensitivity from this company.


I can personally attest to this. While I didn’t work at LC in HS, I was fascinated by WWII imagery. I often, naively would draw swastikas (and the iron cross and the British icons that the mods took up) in my notebooks, etc… I mean they weren’t filled with them, but they were there.

I knew about the Holocaust (obviously as my WWII interest indicates), but in my 16 yr old brain I couldn’t make the connection between some “cool” looking icons and this horrible crime and that whole horrible movement and belief system.

THANK GOD instagram, etc… didn’t exist back then.


They got fired. There’s really no reason to bring up impulsivity in youth if you think getting fired was an appropriate action in response to their transgression. I do not feel any sympathy for them for facing a minor consequence for their bad decisions after all. The impulsive hand waving about youth around racism and sexism is tiring though. Not once have I said these things are mutually for exclusive btw and I will not let anyone pretend I have. I simply challenged the impulse to “boys will be boys” every time kids act up in a racist way. I think that impulse needs to be examined when it comes up.


The fact that you didn’t make that connection is a failure of your (and other’s) history education, both at home and at school.


Period. Full stop.


I’m sure in the near future, their lawyer and a dRumph appointed judge will simply say the had “affluenza”.

Edit: Just looked at CNN article - JFC - this is just up the street from me. I get pizza from there all the time… - not any more - SMH


Correct. And facing the consequences of crossing that line is part of the figuring it out.




So I’m sorry. It was me who suggested that it was a pair of teenaged boys who did this, and started the derail. It could easily have been a couple of racist adults. None of the reporting I’ve seen have identified the guilty parties.

The owner of the local chain location called the Laskas on Sunday and confirmed to the couple that the employees had been fired. It was not clear how many employees were involved in the incident.

The owner went on to allegedly state the employees had attempted to somehow explain the situation by claiming “it was supposed to be an internal joke the [the employees] were playing on each other and the other employee.” According to the owner, the pizza was “never intended to go out.”




Ouch. That’s horrendous.


I’d suggest it wasn’t even a derail. I think fixing these societal level problems involves identifying where they come from and how they progress through the lifespan. Whether these employees were teens or adults, I am almost 100% confident they were males of the species, and thinking about the ways we fail to socialize boys to be healthy men is fair for exploration. That’s very on topic for this particular incident of people acting badly toward other people. I appreciated the conversation.

ETA: and if it was a derail, I also owe an apology for my part.


I’ve started and abandoned at least three replies in this thread. I got as far as actually posting one, and then deleted it less than a minute later. I certainly am guilty of the same speculation for which you’ve apologized, and I make that same apology here.

I cannot say it better, so I’ll just quote it and endorse it.


They used far more than the allotted pepperoni portion as clearly laid out in the pizza making handbook on conservation of resources. That’s cause for dismissal right there.

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We could go with Final Fantasy naming conventions and go with Pizzaga…

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As @Mindysan33 said, to me, this is a failure of the education system to teach you how horrible these icons were and why you never, ever want to use them (as well as with all things, parents, assuming they ever saw you draw one) than it is a matter of “not getting caught” by social media and the like.

Further to this, though:

If someone pointing out their opinion of your comment is an attack, then you need to seriously reconsider posting in this forum. People come here to discuss things, and that includes responding to what you say here. It’s a discussion forum, not a diary.

Yes. Yes it is.