Family separations: the Trump administration stole thousands more children than previously reported


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Remember how they always accuse the other side of crimes they are themselves guilty of? Remember how they accused Hillary of sex-slave trafficking?


Remember in 2016 when Republicans would say, “At least Trump isn’t trying to put people into concentration camps”.


Dear Great Grandfather,

Why did you pick the USA and not Canada?


Well those ones don’t count.


It’s not too late man, apply today!





Remember when the US had two major political parties?


We still do. But they have become:

  1. The party of people who support putting children in concentration camps; and
  2. The party of people who do not


Keep this very much in mind the next time the “there is no difference between the parties and your vote doesn’t matter” crowd pops up in discussions again.


Unfortunately, the group you describe in #2 won’t work together and they don’t vote.

I’m feeling very down about the upcoming election.


Try voting for group #2 and at least feel better about your choice.

You can say, “At least I didn’t vote for the guys who throw children into concentration camps”. Just so you can respect yourself the next day.


That’s what happens when you your society decides that gun ownership and free speech are the only valuable rights.

Right to life and physical integrity? Nah want to kill criminals. Right to privacy? Nah have to catch terrorists. Right of due process? Those criminals don’t catch themselves. Freedom of press? Fake News! …

Btw the 2nd amendment didn’t shield the children and parents from those human rights abuses. I thought the guns were for fighting off evil government doing tyrannical stuff? Apparently putting children in concentration camps isn’t beyond that threshold eh?


Correct me if I’m wrong, but the family separation policy is just that - policy and not law. If the Democrats get control of the house, what will they be able to change? They can’t order an end to the policy, they won’t have cooperation from the Senate, and they won’t have the numbers to override any Presidential veto if they do manage to cooperate long enough to even pass a law.

I’m not sure the Democrats are all that different on immigration anyway. Obama wasn’t separating families at the border, but he did his part deporting people in record numbers. He tore apart more than a few families during his time.

Where are the politicians saying the border should be much more open? We were better off when it was porous. People would migrate to the US, work for a season or two, then go home. A year later, they might do it again. Now it’s so difficult and dangerous to get into the US that once they are here, they never leave.


Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


You’re wrong.

Immigration law/enforcement is a purely within the purview of the executive branch. Congress can’t prevent Trump’s policy here but the Judiciary can and has in some respects.

The Immigration and Naturalization Act is notoriously vague on such issues and loaded with contradictory sections and outright counterproductive elements introduced for nativist concerns only.

No, there is a qualitative difference. You are dead wrong here.

Trump has gone out of his way to ensure immigration enforcement is unnecessarily malicious and harmful as possible. Even going as far as trying to strip citizenship of people.

Separating the families at the border was a special kind of malicious act. Done to literally hold children ransom so parents would waive due process rights for asylum claims. At no point have we seen politicians past engage in outright hostage taking. Minimizing that is normalizing behavior which is best described as a human rights violation,

They haven’t been around since 1963.

When we adopted the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Our immigration laws do not account for a manual labor visa which would solve the problem fairly easily and profitably. But one cannot appeal to paranoid bigotry with such sensible solutions. The GOP has gone all in with white supremacist nonsense as of late with this subject. Reasonable measures are not in their vocabulary. Haven’t been for over 2 generations.



“Damning with faint praise”


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