Famous right pastor: If my son married a man "I'd sit In cow manure and I'd spread it all over my body"


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It’s worth a guffaw (“wow! what a sexual freak!”), but we should really stop giving these people attention.


At least he’s saying the millstone would be a better choice for the parents. Too many of his fellow pastors recommend that treatment for the children.


And so continues the dissolution of the boundary between satire and reality.


Do it! Do It! Do It!


Raw material for a music mashup, and btw “burlap” is a word.


He’s saying that parents who introduce their children to Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon would be better off sleeping with the fishes than having to face his god’s judgement for making children gay. It’s interesting that the meaning of ‘religious liberty’ in this conference is “Theocracy according to my interpretation of my religion. Everyone else will wish they were dead”.


Or you should pay close attention so they never sneak into a position of authority over your life given the bat shit, or in this case cow shit, they’ve been inhaling. Given how close Palin came to obtaining the nuclear codes we need more vigilance not less.


Father of the Year, in the Reich Wing Universe.


As the good preacher so elegantly says on the video



Well, you certainly don’t have to tell me twice.


These kids today! Rebelling and getting married! Such a rebel move, marriage… LOL


I didn’t watch to that part before.

I think he actually has a brain tumor.


You do know he’s quoting Jesus*, eh? (Assuming Jesus ever really existed.)

A better question is: “Why would any ethical person use the (insert mind-control book of your choice) as a moral guide?”


Is his son of marriageable age and reasonably attractive? Because I’m bored with the whole Batman thing now and need a new project to waste my time and money on…


Yes, but the reference to homosexuality is all the pastor’s own interpretation.

Generally people like this will claim freedom of conscience when confronted about their objectionable and transparently ridiculous beliefs. Unfortunately, this freedom of conscience only applies to the male head of the house and the same person may fight politically to oppose other people’s right to be guided by their own consciences.


Hey, at least he’s doing his relatives a courtesy by pre-emptively warning them not to invite him to the wedding.

My mother refused to show up to my sister’s wedding because she was being married by ::gasp:: a woman! Not even married to a woman, just having a woman officiate the wedding. That’s some downright demon-possessed satan-worshipping whore-of-babylon type of shit right there (apparently according to my mother’s thought process). It would have been nice to see her at the wedding, but the reduction in unnecessary drama at the event probably made it a lot less stressful than it could have been.

If this guy is this melodramatic about gay marriage, what would he do if the wedding wasn’t in a church or officiated by a preacher? Better not chance finding out and just don’t invite him at all. Problem solved.


If spreading shit all over your body is what you’re into, who are we to judge?


You are making the Baby Wilhelm cry!


For a sense of certainty! Morals being a matter of personal responsibility with no easy formulaic answers makes it your responsibility, instead of that of a ghost-written book. Thinking about it and having opinions might make one unpopular, and defies a human drive for the path of least resistance.

IMO the best moral guide is debate, but many people are too immature to handle it.


A millstone be hung around their neck and they be drowned at the bottom of the sea.

He’s been reading too much Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings.