Fan-funded Veronica Mars movie revealed at Comic-Con


This is why I am way cooler than you. Those interview scenes and her apartment scenes were filmed right across the street from me. There were ‘backers’ hanging around the street all day to catch a glimpse of their heroine. We don’t get that for other shoots.

I don’t mean to brag here, but I’m pretty sure that my donation was the one that pushed it over the $1,632,100 mark.

Can we ignore season 3 for the movie?

What city? I remember that several scenes in the TV show were clearly in San Diego – the Ashley pyramid and various UTC highrises were often in the background, although I’m sure the majority of filming was in LA or Vancouver.

The old industrial section of Downtown Los Angeles. Which is now, of course, a loft district. The building across the street from me is empty and frequently used for filming. Brick interiors with concrete pillars and floors, big view windows in three directions. Big enough floors to shoot on. It has a faded sign on the side that says, “Pacific Coast Home of Maxwell House Coffee.” Around the corner the scene from the first Anchorman was filmed where he and his gang meet another channel’s gang for a showdown. A classic piece of film comedy with about eight of the funniest people in the world on screen all at once. I could go on. The ants from “Them” attacked a freight car just a block away and Zachary Quinto lost the top of his head in the first season of Heroes in a van driving along that same stretch of road.

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