Fantastic DIY, 3D-printed nuclear explosion lamp


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Nuclear mushroom cloud or Cauliflower night-light?


Timely. Alas.


Hmm… €66-and-a-bit, and it’s almost from next door… seriously tempted. Also, the guy makes some really cool cookie cutters!


Was gonna say, a little too close to (possible) reality.


Decor to commemorate our impending demise. Does anyone else feel us slipping into Fallout territory with this?


I do like to roast cauliflower in the oven.
Now i’m inspired to try it in the microwave next time.


This would benefit from a slight flickering effect from the LED


Use the definition most appropriate for the politics on that particular day you switch it on.


Or at least a rapid rise to a maximum (eyeball roasting) level, then slow decay!

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