Fantastic video of New York City's Gay Pride Parade in 1989


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I love old videos of people wandering around NYC. This is great, thanks!


I only watched to 7 minutes in, but RuPaul kind of seems snobby to ditch everyone like that.


Absolutely fabulous. What a blast that was, thanks BB!


Wow, it’s very DIY compared to one ones I’ve been to in SF… some of these look like a high school prom float (only slightly more gay :wink: )

One thing I find interesting is no one is angry about being filmed… this was pre-cell phone camera… but I guess if you’re not out you don’t go to a pride parade heh


I was thinking maybe a little too caught up in all the attention to remember about being part of a group.


One thing I find fascinating in this video is the affection these people display for each other. Not just the physical desire, of which there is plenty, but the friendship and community they express.


More than that it was pre-YouTube. Videos were local.


it’s like they were photos and became TV. Good call.


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