Farmer ignores police order to dismantle "pornographic" hay bale art




Hay, now!


That is some hot AT-AT on AT-AT action


That obscene structure could distract people from watching actual bulls mount actual cows two meters away, which they should be concentrating on.


I already knew that most people suck. But, there is more and more evidence to suggest that, of the world citizens who “get it” and “rule,” Straya is repping disproportionately large numbers of awesome.


Mmmmmm… hay bales…


I guess they don’t just shoot Australians for noncompliance.


I lost it at “I told the copper to piss off”. Mainly because I read it in an Australian accent.


So if some of his cows were actually copulating in a field would he be charged with operating a pornographic venue in public view?


The one who thinks a depiction of two animals mating is pornographic is the one who should be facing a fine.


They should have known better than to hassle a cubist.


Wait, he ignores a police order and isn’t shot to… oh, not the US. Got it.


I’m always slightly astonished by the people who apparently don’t know enough history(or don’t bother to think about it for a second) to realize that most of humans, for most of human history, probably saw a fair amount of animal sex and somehow survived, more or less.

Livestock, people, we’ve only delegated that to specialists and lived primarily in cities for the blink of an eye compared to the giant stretch of agricultural history. Also, most of that time, we were poor as hell, so probably crammed the entire family, and the livestock, when the season demanded it, into a single hovel of some description, which makes it likely that a great many children also observed the early stages of their future siblings’ manufacture.

And somehow they survived(to the degree that the miserable medical state of the time allowed).


The obvious solution is to declare that it is in fact a sculpture of Something Else. Like… The Virgin Mary. Yeah, that’s it. If it is not immediately apparent then that is a failure on the part of the imagination of the viewer and no fault of the artist.


I don’t understand all these people who see sex as the one true evil in the world.


Just like the Rolling Stones said: Hay, you, get off of my cow!


I see your point and raise you a counterpoint:


Heh. Erected. Heh heh.


Or The Beatles: Hay you’ve got to hide your love away…


Whoever made the complaint has a lot more of an inventive, pornographic mind that I. Clearly the “disturbed” individual and the police have nothing better to do.