Man allegedly flew cross-country for horse sex

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The “ya” should have tipped him off that he wasn’t chatting with a real horse. If it had been, the response would have been “nay.”


u sure u arn’t 1 of those sneaky donkeys?


Is bathing in horse pee really a high priority crime? Seems to me, its one of those things we have to question why it was even on the books to begin with. Like who decided it was some moral outrage or high crime that we needed to make a law for it!!!


Someone always has to make it about race.


Arpaio was probably only expecting to snare some Mexican drug-running horse-rapists.

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Plane conversation:

Man: So … are you from Arizona or you visiting there?
Woman: Oh, no - I’m just going there for a conference. You?
Man: I’m meeting up with a horse so he can piss on my shirts.


It is kind of scant on details, but I think he intended to have some sort of sex with the horses and then get them to pee on his shirts for later, um, well I am not sure what, but something later.

I’m not googling this, but I have to imagine having an animal pee on you isn’t illegal. So for the 1 guy in the country who gets off on that … lucky him. Till now. Edit: Yeah who knows, man. Guessing people who want shirts pissed on by a horse are pretty much “up for whatever” like that beer commercial.

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So…that image is doctored, right? Dude wasn’t so far gone he thought he was texting a horse, right? Because that’s insanity plea, right there.


I’m just waiting for the inevitable tie in to Obergefell. But, hey, at least it wasn’t a mule.

I add that for those who are convinced sex is solely about reproduction.

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– are you a horse? Tap three times on the keyboard for yes.


Um… why would they care?

Did they really have so little to work on that they spent nine months tracking a guy who wanted horsepiss on his shirt?


Thank you for your diligence Maricopa County, the world is a little safer now.

It’s not for nothing that Joe Arpaio has been named “The Most Expensive Sheriff in America.”


neigh means neigh


I think this guy is innocent, I can just sense it, there’s nothing in the report about any affiliation with the republican party.

He also doesn’t pay his bills. I knew some tech consultants that got screwed by that asshole.


Shame he didn’t prefer deer as that would be easy to get:


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