Farting airplane passenger forces flight to turn back

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i keep saying it and i’ll say it again. there is too much carbon dioxide in the air. we are getting stupid.


Good things do happen on airplanes too. Tonight I just flew back from DC and there were 35 passengers on a 150 seat aircraft. Everyone got their own row of seats and the whole plane (passengers and crew) were relaxed and happy. :flight_arrival: :smile:


I’d have waited for the air conditioning system to do its work.


If only they allowed matches and scented candles on the plane.

Also, if masks worked his underpants would contain the smell.

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Masks work (according to the Mayo Clinic, the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Caltech, and other august bodies, anyway).

Among the main reasons for this is that they’re not made from underpants fabric.


also, the sulphates in flatus are smaller than what the masks filter for.

Be safe, be super effective- wear a surplus WWII gas mask and surplus breathing filter canisters! /sarcasm

(Yes, I actaully saw someone walking around a wal-mart in late 2020 wearing one- they got a wide berth.)


Hopefully not one with something nasty in the filters, like asbestos.




Had that happen once on a transatlantic. Couldn’t believe my luck. I really thought the days of aircraft flying that far below capacity were long gone so I’m slightly heartened to hear your story. Congrats?


Oh, FFS. Besides the (absolutely correct) response @Anselm already provided, this suggests there’s some rough similarity if scale between the the odor-causing molecules in a fart and the particles on which covid hitches a ride. There’s not.

ETA: I see @Bonivus_elderheart beat me to the same point.

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I’m sorry if I forgot the sarcasm tag.

Just to hear clear, my mask underpants comment was meant to mock everyone on Facebook and MTG who has posted the fart underpants mask comparison a couple times.

I’ve been wearing a mask quite a bit this week and will continue to do so.


Well Done Yes GIF by FoilArmsandHog


On the flip side of that coin, right when everyone and their dog were trying to crank out masks as fast as humanly possible in late 2020-2021, Hanes put out a multi-pack of fabric masks made out of what feels like two or three layers of T-shirt material sewn into a mask-shaped object. I bought a three pack, because at the time I was trying a few things, and… well, they worked about as well as the other fabric masks I have (that is, like crap unless you’ve crammed a 2.5 micron particle filter in them) and they impart the feeling of wearing underwear on your head without having consumed enough alcohol or drugs to fail a DUI test. /rimshot

And you’d look like someone who’d just cut up a package of undershirts and sewn them into a mask, because they were plain white fabric, so the comparison to wearing underwear on one’s head is not exactly too far off.

(I tried a few things, but realistically, I’ll continue shoving the PM2.5 filter plates into the fabric masks I have, or wearing the disposable surgery / N95 masks when I’m out and about…)

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"In prison, they sold hard candy at the commissary that was sugar free and contained a type of sugar alcohol that tasted just like real sugar. The candy had a blatant warning on the package stating that consumption “can cause extreme flatulence.” Nobody would buy them except for my cellmate. He’d eat a few of them and then go around the dayroom secretly “crop dusting” other inmates sitting at tables. I’d watch from the top tier as his victims reacted in disgust and blamed each other. Now, because of this video, I have a reason to tell the story. "
– YouTube commenter on “Sugar Alcohols Ruined My Health”

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