Fascist beach closed


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If he hates democracy - he’ll be happy to not be allowed to challenge the closing in court.


it wasn’t shut: police just removed the signs, but it’s still operating…


This is how you close a fascist beach for good:

It’s a shame that the current U.S. government’s views are closer to those of these ignorant Italians.


Nothing ruins a good beach like fascists.



How does a Facist beach work? Do you get in trouble for having too much fun?

“NEIN! No splashing!”

Or not having enough fun?

“Nein! You must chug the whole beer!”

Of you have to walk the fine line between the two?

“NEIN! Pick up your beer cans after chugging!”


It is not a fascist beach party without an accordian!

or formations of people making images that can only be discerned from a distance


Mais, où vais-je au soleil avec des nazis?


Fascist Beach… another good band name, right up there with Masturbation Ditty.


There’s one surefire way to repel beach fascism:


Hey, if they end up having a Fascist Beach Party, they could play this:


The people who hate democracy are the ones who think they will get to be the ones in charge, which is like someone who thinks gambling should be legalized because of all the money he’s sure to win.


shut it down, folks. Thread over.


Yeah, but I bet he got the waves rolling in on time.


I thought Fascist Beach was a suburb of Houston?


Now, you see, I would have closed down the beach and permanently isolated the fascists there with no means of escape or any chance of sending out for pizza.


That’s only OK if the rest of the free world gets to send in ‘special’ packages as they did during the Malheur National Widlife Refuge occupation. :wink:


In that case I’d know what to do with that Xmas fruit cake from a decade ago.