Fascist Trump says MSNBC should be punished for talking about him

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Yes, his statement is clearly reality-challenged garbage in the view of most of us here. However, I’m sure Project 2025 will involve packing the FCC and FTC with fascist loyalists who’ll carry out his wishes regarding MSNBC.


Faux News Presents: The World’s Greatest Projectionist!
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So then Trump is in favor of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine?



Trump really latched onto this idea about the airwaves, and misuse thereof being some sort of crime.

What a maroon.


Truly bringing dignity to the office. :expressionless:


This is someone who’s obsessed with Nielsen and Q ratings. He couldn’t feed the bottomless maw of his narcissism without television (even taking into account tabloid newspapers).


Based in the timestamp, Mika and Joe must have said something that really got under his orange skin.


Fox might be left alone at first, but do you think he’d stop after frog-marching his MSNBC enemies to prison? He’s picked fights with nearly everyone. If he’s ever in charge again, no one will be safe.


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Yep, he’s spent plenty of time screaming mad at Fox. He might start off killing staff at MSNBC, as well as the NYTimes and WaPo (no matter how much they think they’ll be given a pass for promoting him), but it wouldn’t be long before the ghouls at Fox – and eventually Newsmax and OANN – ended up on the gallows…


This is the iron rule of dictators and dictatorships: they always, ALWAYS turn on “their own” eventually. It doesn’t matter how much you suck up to the Maximum Leader, eventually they’ll come for you. The torture chambers of Tuol Sleng were full of former members of the inner circle of the Angkar.

So all the people who get a hard-on at the idea of Trump smiting their enemies should remember that if they help him shred what passes for democracy in the US, it’s only a matter of time before they fall out of favor in their turn, and see the entire force of the state security apparatus turned on them.


Gleichschaltung. It’s in the playbook.


Gosh, it was only a few short years ago that people were taking issue with me calling Trump a fascist, even here in the comment sections of this very website… it seemed pretty clear to me what he was before he took office, but damn he’s really worked hard to remove any possibility of doubt.

And, you know, within the context of objective reality.

At the minimum. I wonder how much of the dynamics of his next (possible) term will involve working within the system and using a combination of a decimated federal government (having removed every single employee he possibly can) and the most fascist stooges he can find, and how much will involve him trying to gut and break everything so badly he’ll be able (or at least try) to just openly use extra-legal means to achieve his goals (and maybe four years later some court will rule that he didn’t have the power to do what he did, if we’re lucky). This was, to some degree, his strategy the first time, but it’s clear he now realizes he didn’t go far enough (he left some people in their positions he could have removed, either because he saw them as unimportant or didn’t realize he could remove them), and too many appointments were done based on (the appearance of) competence rather than blind loyalty.

Given that he doesn’t care whether government actually functions, just that people will do what he wants them to do, he can really do a lot of unexpected damage in unanticipated ways.


I sure hope the people compiling questions for the presidential debate remember this (and countless other calls to revoke our freedoms.)


I will be surprised if there is a presidential debate. Trump can just blow it off, as he did the Republican party debates. He’ll put out something on Truth Social about how he sees no point in participating because the Biased Radical Left-Wing Media will just use the debates to try to make him look bad, and that will be that.

If there is a debate, he’ll just answer any and all questions with his usual rambling word-salad rants. This won’t cost him any points with his base, and Biden’s more careful and considered responses will be written off even by friendly media as “vague” and “indecisive”.


What makes you think there’s going to be one?

Coke for @angusm, I just wanted to add a link showing more foundational nopes than just Trump saying no.

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