Father arrested while testifying against anti-trans health ban in Arkansas

So, is this precedent for Jim Jordan being imprisoned?


Republicans → “Cancel culture is coming for us!”
Also Republicans → “We’re sending you to jail because we do not like the words you are speaking.”


Attig: “There are more genders than you are aware of…You do not know the mind of God.”
Chair: “Your time is up…Please remove this person.”
Attig is a lawyer, by the way. I have a feeling he will be coming back. In any case, I hope his kid is proud of him.


I do not understand this country anymore. I’m glad I’m old, I won’t have to see such hatred and closed-minded inhumanity much longer.


There’s always been a segment of American society that always wants and desires power over others. And it’s so significant enough to lead to state and sectarian violence. It’s part of our lineage and I doubt it’ll go away ever in my opinion.


Absolutely. I think the question is how much blame there is to go around. If the officers in the room were simply asked to take him out and the officers/police force decided on their own that he should be charged and held, they should be answering for that as a matter of police over-reach as a separate question from the biased enforcement of speaking limits and the disproportionate response to going over time.


Ditto. Glad to live in a state that is relatively supportive.


I’ve decided to establish a unilateral blanket ban on me travelling to the US.


I wish this had been done during the Presidential debates.


Maintaining order is one thing, arresting a citizen addressing grievances to elected officials is quite another.

A blatantly obvious attempt to chill speech they do not like and to control the public agenda when it does not favor them.

I used to be a Republican until they went crazy years back and turned into religious fanatics and low rent fascists.

Now that they have adapted a variant of one people, one State, one leader (Trump) they can go to the Hell I do not believe in.

Trump is the party and their platform is whatever Trump decides it is is one of the scariest thing I have ever seen.

Gives us Stalin in an ill fitting three piece suit. (Ever notice Trump frequently looks poorly dressed? Picture of him in white tie meeting the Queen looked like he stopped at a cheap tux rental place.)

I think we are in for dark days and nasty times and the Republic may never be the same and not to tyhe good of things.


California is relatively still safe, but I do posses a list of places in the state you’d like to avoid. For nominal fee, of course…


Green Book 2021 edition?




I would rather see someone keep track of how much legislation like this costs the state when they have to defend it in court. Because there will be lawsuits over this, and other anti-trans legislation, and I’m pretty confident all of these and similar bills will be found unconstitutional, even with the current conservative SCOTUS. The sports bans I’m less confident about, but we’ll see. Regardless, every one of these bills will generate multiple lawsuits, and will result in years of legal action, all of which the taxpayers of these states will have to pay for. That’s what I want to see someone keep track of and keep the voters of those states informed on. This crap will cost taxpayers a lot of money. And all just to dunk on a group that makes up less than 1% of the population.


I’ve been seriously considering resuscitating the Green Book for current times, only not just for Black people…


Don’t blame you.


It’s pretty much this map.


If only it were that simple. Unfortunately Americans’ party affiliations don’t reveal just how deeply bigotry is baked into the US.


Not just that particular map.

I’ve had a personal list of ‘No-Go’ states ever since they started trying to ban abortion. Add to that list any place that has tried to restrict voting rights or which has tried to pass “bathroom” laws.


Well that’s pretty much anywhere on that map where there’s a significant amount of red. And there’s a significant amount of red on that map. Hell, I was born in Texas, then lived in Oklahoma and Missouri. Then in 2019 I moved to New Jersey, and thought, “Hey, I’m going to be living in a blue state for the first time in my life! Cool!” Except I’m in Ocean County, which is red AF, and full of Trump supporters. Ugh. I swear this might actually be the most politically conservative place I’ve lived in in my life.