Father arrested while testifying against anti-trans health ban in Arkansas

Again, you’d be surprised.


they seem to have given up trying to do anything positive in the world. everything is always more bullying, more force, more f your feelings. not one real solution to any of the many challenges america is facing.


I saw someone point out (maybe elsewhere on this board?) that companies generally appeal to the majority. So while these terrible ideas might be able to have political power from a minority of people that won’t help outside of politics. It’s a depressing thought that businesses will save us, but it’s only one tool and they’re coming in after a bunch of other peoples hard work.

I’m personally curious, but I think anyone interested in those numbers doesn’t need convincing. It’s no different than the trash voter laws put forward.

At least the US has a political party which claims to support trans rights, unlike TERF Island.


Indeed; the lack of political support for Trans Rights in the UK is shit.


As is usual with the Fascists, they name their laws to mean the opposite of what they actually do.
They are experimenting with imposing their own backwards, theocratic, anti-science beliefs upon those afflicted by this legislation.

Again, as is usual, those most affected are those who can least afford solutions. It costs money in order to move, as well as time in order to (possibly) find out-of-state providers.

Similar legislation in other States, along with the various Jim Crow v.2 laws & laws against protests are all signs that the Fascists are busy consolidating power everywhere in this country & are doing it at breakneck speed.
Getting HWSNBN out of office was the easy part.


And I think that any charge of resisting arrest without another establishing charge should be summarily dismissed without even bothering a judge about it.

And I want a pony.


With Orwellian names there is some perverse truth in the name. They are “saving” children from experimenting to find their own identity, it is not enough to leave children to find out for themselves that most of them are cis-het, it mus be made compulsory.

Compulsory cis-het also hurts cis-het people as it takes any individuality away from them, you must be cis-het as defined by the law.




WTF is wrong with these puritan assholes who are so concerned about what’s in everyone’s pants and what they do with it? They’re really sick bastards.

They don’t give a flying fuck about spending taxpayers’ money to rob POC, LGBT, women, and anyone else they don’t like of their rights. Can’t help wondering how many similar stunts they’d pull had they been required to foot the damn ahem bills themselves.


A lot of good can be found here, too. The places my BF’s and our friends’ bands play ferinstance are wonderful, welcoming, weird - as is their clientele.


This is sort of an inflection, though; what should be happening, CPS coming to assign different guardianship for the needy babies directing legislative procedure (and arrests therein?) Just lots and lots of arrests on the basis of half-minutes? Attig were a little rough when finally they got a turn in the first place, I probably missed other stuff.

How many shots do I need on an open carry taser to fix things for a given session, and is there a time limit or sweep order to stay legal doing that? They’re just inviting so much new business as long as it involves electroconvulsive treatment clinics or maybe lavender to the district. (That’s right, legislation and permitting led first by destroying traffic easements with lavender trees. But only lavender tree husbandry.)


Of course the asshole who call the cops over wasn’t wearing a mask…

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Unfortunately, by releasing them without charges, it won’t see a judge unless they sue.


Hence the “award damages” part.

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I am -shocked- that a cycling federation would turn a blind eye…

I want to see this dad testify, with no time limit, to US congress.

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Has the UCI commented on this? I imagine they have power over USAC. (Admitedly I never understood USA cycling when I lived in in States, and their different regs as I’m in a UCI country…).

The UCI has an even worse record than the USAC on this, there’s still a Tour of Dubai and Tour of Turkey as major events on the pro calendar. To say nothing of the incredible discrepancy of prize money between the men’s and women’s prizes, etc etc etc.


Relying on capitalism to solve the problem isn’t going to work. First, the amount of GDP that can actually relocate is quite small. There might be a few high-profile things, but probably not enough to devastate the state economy. If you operate a farm or are involved in other extractive industries, a service provider, or in the hospitality industry you aren’t going to be able to up-sticks, no matter how much you might dislike the anti-trans legislation

Second, Arkansas has a very business-friendly climate (the second least expensive state to do business in according to CNBC). This is mostly down to low corporate taxes, so the economic gut-punch is smaller than you might expect. Certain towns or counties could get hit hard if business that could relocate did (as @Aeroplane points out with Walmart), but the state-wide impact would be minimal.

Third, having those corporations relocate could have unintended negative consequences, such as job loss and lower wages for what is already one of the lowest income states in the country (49th lowest median household income in the country).

Fourth, corporations do not have a conscience. The moment it becomes profitable to align with pro-GOP forces again, they will.


Fair Points… I’ll spare you my extended rants on the sad state of support for Women’s cycling from the UCI and general cyclists…

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