FBI Director Comey: "Even our memories aren’t private."

This is my most private memory. There; Please don’t spy on me so that I can have privacy, thanks.


Fucking douchebag supreme, that guy.

You read me, Comey?


OTOH, Congressman Ted Lieu - is that guy as sensible about other stuff, too? Seems like a good egg.

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I hope he gave at least a side-eye glance toward the 5th Amendment when he said that.

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As far as horrific, dystopian hell-scapes go, forced, intrusive procedures for the purpose of taking ownership of another’s mind probably sits near the top of the list.

The ultimate horror is slowly being normalised.


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and up yours!

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Someday parents will tell their kids that the Privacy Fairy is just as real as the Tooth Fairy.

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Has Comey embraced the concept that he’s now playing a character, “James Comey”, the election-marring, justice-obscuring, privacy-destroying FBI director who an Oscar-winnning documentary will be made about in 40 years?

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Haven’t we been told over the last ten years or more that people aren’t really that shook up about losing their privacy, that they’d rather have security instead of it, and that technology pretty much does away with it anyway? Corporations know you better than you know yourself.

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