FBI investigating Trump campaign's Russia links, says no info supports Trump's wiretapping claims


First, the Russia scandal isn’t really an opportunity for a divided country to fight amongst ourselves any more than his other corruption scandals an abuses are. I mean, you can disagree with me, but we’re not exactly divided. I think we both know how serious this crisis is, see the many institutions at risk, recognize the catastrophic damage he can do, and know who’s responsible, so we’re covered for what matters. While we’re not spending any time doing other stuff to organize, attend protests, contact lawmakers, etc., you don’t have to do that 24/7 - I’ve done most of those things in the last two weeks. The GOP faithful will defend him no matter what, so more scandals or less, so it makes little difference other than that he’s losing some traditional GOP allies with the Russia scandal.

If you’ve watched Trump’s interactions with various Federal agencies, you might have noticed that he’s repeatedly attacked both the CIA and FBI. Like over and over. He compared the CIA to Nazis, and accused the FBI of illegally wiretapping him recently, and he’s the sort to double down and never apologize. His way to make amends with the CIA was surprisingly alienating. Those people’s job is to know things and do scary things. You might think Trump can fuck with the FBI while his campaign has apparently committing dozens of felonies and not feel consequences, but I think you might be surprised where this one goes. Those organizations are critical ones that safeguard that system for the powerful, and they really don’t have a lot of motivation to safeguard Trump’s power.


What’s with this guy Gowdy. He is the most horrendously, petrifyingly sly, underhand manipulative excuse for a human I have ever come across. Watching him undermine the legitimacy of the inquiry makes me despair for the human race.

Seriously, he is threatening the Intelligence Community with withdrawal of their funding if they continue to do their job and investigate foreign interference in the election?


He’s a slippery politician of the worst grade: The grade where you’re an underhanded asshole, and you’re no good at it.


Also, I’m not sure I’m down with “The president is a sexual predator? Keep your eye on the ball, people! There are serious things to talk about!”


Although I do think it’s logistically necessary to talk about priorities when it comes to responding.



I thought Napolitano was their kind of crazy.


I think practically all non-six-figure-plusianaires want to shake up the system. Would you like to be more specific?


He’s the ‘very talented legal mind’ Trump used to listen to.


Finding a good replacement for Roy was hard to do.


Question: You are looking into sending your kids off to summer camp. The two finalists are each run by a pair of men. All four of them seem like fine gentlemen with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm, but somebody has to get the nod. Which ones would you trust your kids with? Don and Roy, or Adolph and Joe?


It’s the eerie combination of looking and acting like an immature 13yr old while at the same time assuming the air of a commander-in-chief.

What I find particularly scary is that he acts and sounds like something out of a 1950s racist movie, where “black folks and women” knew their place. He wouldn’t be amiss in a Gone with the Wind scenario.

That someone like him gets elected in the 21st century is indictment on humanity…


You did see the last Daily Show, did you? No question whom of the two they booked via Craiglist. You definetly get what you pay for.


See, I wouldn’t think that.

This is a fine gentlemen with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm:

I would go to his summer camp.


No. What did I miss?


Summer camp dream team.


I thought the 50s was the period when Hollywood was full of dangerous left wing writers sneaking social progressiveness into screenplays. I do wonder if since then Hollywood has prepared the way for Trumpismus by producing moronic films in which the hero is some kind of Nietzschean superman, the casting budget didn’t run to black actors (except for extras to get killed) and the wardrobe budget didn’t run to enough clothes for the women. But the budget for CGI explosions was comparable to the marketing budget of a small arms company.


If your faith in Fox was shaken by that action, rest assured, they are still committed to quality news reporting…


That’s Donald’s favorite show, after The Apprentice.


lets see…fbis white, russians white, redneck hillbillies white, billionaires white…its planet orgy baby…https://twitter.com/TheAmericansFX