FBI launches investigation of NRA over pro-Trump Russia money


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The NRA jumped the shark years ago.

I have long since dismissed them as propagandists for the gun manufacturers.


I wonder how much Russian money is invested in the companies for which the NRA exists to lobby. The mouth-breathers who still think that this scumbag org’s main focus is supporting average gun owners are obviously helpful political stooges but the real goal for Torshin and his cronies is all those firearms manufacturer Benjamins.


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“(Putin) wants to extend an invitation to Mr. Trump to visit him in the Kremlin before the election. Let’s talk through what has transpired and Senator Sessions’s advice on how to proceed," Erickson (NRA) reportedly added. -TheHill Dec 03, 2016



“I’ll give you my Russian grift money when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.”


There are two organizational units within the NRA is my understanding: The one which does the stuff the NRA always has done, like gun safety, conservation, etc. and the other which is the propaganda arm (which is the one we always hear about).


“all in all, its just another brick in the wall” - Pink Floyd


None of this is the least bit surprising. The NRA represents the largest block of single issue voters in the US. Russia knows this of course and the NRA is probably the first place they visited.

NRA single issue voters are apprx 25 -30% (Gallop) and trump’s “base” is the apprx the same (Fivethirtyeight). Go figure.


Yes, and the former unit now exists mainly to serve the latter unit, which in turn serves the firearms industry. The NRA as a whole is all about increasing sales.

Speaking of propaganda, this is my opportunity to once again highlight how truly vile the NRA’s is:


I’m “shocked”




Dang, with this move the FBI is just blatantly itching for a showdown with the conspiracy/Trump right. Can’t say as I blame 'em…


Ah, but until now they have been all about promoting gun manufacturers and only consequent to that pimping Republicans. Now they’ve gone from being house flacks for gun shops to being flacks for hire to anyone who wants to buy specific Republicans.

It’s much more of a growth market, so not surprising that they sell themselves where the money is.


There are some very fine people on both sides.


So in other words, one unit is a propaganda arm, and the other one is a propaganda arm for the propaganda arm.




Investigations = all talk and no action. Cant we just bust Trump on some kind of tax evasion already?


Why the picture of Jeremy Clarkson?


A proper picture of Clarskon would have more anus


Lock them up