FBI releases declassified #GamerGate dossier


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/01/27/fbi-releases-declassified-game.html


This is amazing!


Spoiler alert:

It wasn’t really about ethics in journalism.


I’d be willing to put money on the possibility that there are at least a couple of White House staffers’ names in that redacted document.


But, but, I thought it was supposed to be about ethics in video game journalism?!


Well, Duh!

It was about ethics in VIDEO GAME journalism.


GameGate will never cease to infuriate me.

(And for anyone wondering what Zoe Quinn is doing now, she’s collaborating with Chuck Tingle for a dating sim. There’s a SFW option to turn all the smut into snuggling kittens. Dante Basco is going to be in it. I gave them 100 dollars.)


And Brianna Wu is running for congress!



I guess if you’re damned to fight with backwards trolls your whole life, you might as well do it for a living…


I’m surprised - I thought it was about ethics in gaming journalism?




Doh! The kickstarter has finished.


The shitty thing? Anyone that actually wants to look into journalistic ethics will have to fight the mysoganistic pile these chuckleheads left for everyone else to have to climb over to ‘prove’ they aren’t these guys and when they say investigating ethics that is what they will actually do.


I am sure when these FBI agents joined the force they had visions of taking on drug trafficking and the mob. Maybe busting a foreign spy…


What pisses me off about these FOIA responses is they are unsearchable PDFs. Yeah, I can export, save as or whatever but shouldn’t they just do it right in the first place? Might as well publish it in jpeg.


You complain about that as if it’s a bug rather than a feature. :wink: :sob:


Worth reading her tweets on this report today.


Read that thread- it’s heartbreaking to see the way she (and others) have been treated.
And to hear the FBI has handled it so badly? That’s awful.
The whole thing is awful.


FTFY, given how many arrogant jackholes in the comments are still bashing her and still denying the truth of the evidence released by the FBI. It disgusts and aggravates me just how malicious some people can be.


Thank you. Sorry.

Men’s compulsion to dominate is gross.