FBI says it is investigating more email "pertinent" to Clinton server (Update: Weiner alert)

Here’s what we do. We investigate Comey. He is using his position illegally and, of course, should be jailed. Uh, actually, I am not joking. Dear gawd, just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, these fools will drill into the bedrock. They do not care what they do.


Comey handled this poorly. He should have released a statement that it was related to the investigation of Anthony Weiner as soon as he was obligated to update Congress.

But speculating that Clinton’s aide-de-camp did anything compromising is absolutely no better than the flat-out lies Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan and Trump are giddily spreading about this.

Regardless, no Congress under either party is going to indict someone for obeying his oath to update them.

Read the article. He had no choice. He might have felt he had to ask Clinton before releasing information about an open investigation into her beyond what the law required him to tell Congress. That was stupid, not criminal. Given the potential to influence the election this late, he should have just gone ahead and released the full story along with his testimony, assuming Clinton would be okay with him releasing what was private information about her and her aid. Had Comey waited to update the Congressional committees he is still under oath to, he could found guilty of lying to Congress.

Why is everyone so eager to hang Abedin and Comey out to dry before evidence that either have done anything wrong, when it’s the goddamn GOP that are lying through their teeth about this?


Ok, maybe I should not fly off the handle. But this election cycle is driving me nuts. Thank gawd I was not around for the Jefferson/Adams fight. I might have imploded :slight_smile:


That I totally understand. I’m furious too. Let’s remember who the enemy is though and keep the outrage focused on them. Otherwise we’re just letting them divide and conquer.


I doubt this will change the game beyond tightening the margin a bit.


Yes, I do need to take a deep breath and like, pay more attention. So, in other news… Look over there. We have the best BBQ in the world. Ok, we can argue about that and not be wrong :slight_smile: When you’re wrong in politics, it’s kind of a mess.


Agreed that Comey handled things poorly, even concerning an on-going investigation. But the fact remains that Abedin screwed up twice here, first in recommending an amateur to set up a sensitive e-mail server and second in putting anything concerning her travails with Weiner in e-mails to her mentor which ended up on that server (even if Abedin did nothing illegal or compromising herself and even if she mistakenly assumed the server was properly secured).

Even without knowing who the GOP nominee would be or that he would have Putin in his corner, Abedin should have been aware that the American right-wing would be digging for dirt on her boss yet again. How difficult is it in that context to use the bloody phone to alert her boss to Weiner’s situation and ask for advice?

I hope Clinton wins this election and pushes through something resembling a liberal agenda. I also hope she keeps Abedin at the Clinton Foundation so that she can continue being her kiss-arse-in-chief without screwing up that liberal agenda.

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Umm, could you amplify your opinion on that a bit? I don’t see any illegality on his part, much as I’d like to.


You know what? I am going to go watch The Dead Zone and just pray that Christopher Walken saves us all, even if he has to die at the end.


I agree Clinton’s staff erred in using a private unsecured server, and that includes Abedin’s role in it, which we’ve known for months and is hardly news now.

As for the content of the emails, you and I have no idea what are in them, or what Abedin did or didn’t tell Clinton, so you’re just speculating before you have the facts. It’s not helping anyone but the Trump campaign.


The exact content doesn’t matter. The FBI might simply be using the date stamps to establish a timeline. What does matter is that Abedin sent e-mails on the general topic of her husband’s teen sexting problem (as covered by the NYT in the update) to Clinton at all. You don’t put that kind of thing in writing.

Again: I want Clinton to win. Crappy e-mail server or not, if Abedin had been smarter and used the phone or discussed the matter in person the e-mail wouldn’t be coming up as an issue yet again and helping her opponent.

As I said in an earlier thread, I’m resigned to the fact that Abedin, Podesta and Wasserman-Schultz will have places in the Clinton II administration as rewards for their loyalty. It does liberals who appreciate competence (including Hillary’s) no good to make excuses for people like that.


When you do, don’t send pictures to any interns. I cannot stress this enough.


Then nitpick about Abedin’s op-sec after November 8th. Unlike Comey, you’re not under oath to talk about it. You’re choosing to, and that’s exactly what the Trump campaign wants right now. If you want to critique Clinton’s likely appointees, there’s plenty of time between November 8th and January 20th. Now look, I can’t stop you from making that an issue, but you say you want Clinton to win. I strongly urge you to consider the possibility that attacking the people the Trump campaign wants you to put the spotlight on is the wrong thing to help that happen, and that it diverts attention from the GOP’s horseshit.


Geez…It’s only 5:30 PM and this latest ludicrous teapot tempest has blown itself out. Not from Hillary. Nothing to do with anything relevant. Not even remotely lurid or sensational. Didn’t even last a quarter news cycle.

…Not that it’s going to stop the yowling idiots from carrying on for a while…


It’s a diversion. And unfortunately it seems to be working. The only thing I admire about Republicans is their willingness to present a united front to defeat who they mistakenly see as their common foe. The candidates they offer range from asshole to dumpster fire, yet they still win some elections when they have no business doing so, and they always manage it by turning everyone else against each other.


I’m nitpicking now precisely because I want to point out that she and her boss didn’t do anything illegal (as the GOP and alt-right would have it) but that she’s just a screw-up.


I know you mean well.

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I do. I have this weird thing about my fellow liberals and progressives needing to be competent if we’re going to get anywhere. Clinton should have tossed Abedin under the bus months ago for doing needless damage to her political career, and Abedin should have DTMFA the first time he got caught in public sexting out his dick and damaged her political career.


I swear, CNN is using this for comic relief. They keep changing the headline. Currently it’s “Computer Seized in Weiner Probe”…

Yes, I am 12, and I’ve already voted.


Well now… ahem… :unamused:

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