Search Hillary Clinton’s emails

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Found a credential pair on my first search. Ouch. (it’s no longer active it seems - not that I checked, that would be a felony)


On the plus side, a nice late start at 8:35.

On the down side, you have to have dinner with William Hague.


So when do we get to search
Young George and Karl Rove did the same thing for his entire presidency.


Clinton said someone is a caca doo doo, and that can’t stand!

Do you have the password?

Not that it’s surprising or anything that any other candidate’s team wouldn’t do, but there’s a number of emails containing articles about Hillary, showing an awareness/concern for what the media/public think about her.

I found these by searching for swear words because I was hoping we could see how she really feels about some people but either she’s smart enough to not say such things in email or (as I’m guessing) the database has been expunged such material.

It’s been available over at the State Dept for months.

Jeb! also ran his own email server as governor. And of course there are some in Congress who made it known that they don’t use email. (By having their aides email for them, they bypass the archiving and FOI laws.)

The question isn’t “Why was Hillary doing it”, it’s “Why was it standard practice in both parties?”

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arf arf.

The fact that the GOP constantly tries to make a scandal out of anything associated with Obama or Hillary means that I can’t get particularly excited over the idea that Hillary did something egregiously wrong. Maybe she did, but since members of the GOP leadership have publicly stated their goal was to thwart Obama at every turn, and make sure Hillary never becomes President, why should I believe it when they “cry wolf” again?

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So they’re surreptitiously issuing untraceable verbal orders, like wiseguys in Casino:

Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! The smoking gun has gotta be in there somewhere!

You mean you believed them before?

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I searched it thoroughly, not one mention of our torrid affair or our lovechild. I’m going to vote Sanders.


I’m not sure that there’s crying wolf going on here. Clinton takes money from companies like Goldman Sachs and uses the same technological tactics as Karl Rove. Why support her when you could support Sanders?

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Define “support”-- I never said I was voting for her, it’s just that I don’t hate her with the fist-clenched rage that conservatives do. I suppose I would vote for her if it came down to a choice between Hillary or Trump, but who in their right mind wouldn’t? Are there only two choices here, support her or burn her at the stake?

If it turns out that Hillary did something worthy of her leaving public office, then so be it, but I hope that also means others in DC are subject to the same scrutiny, including the GOP.

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I pretty much agree with everything you said. My problem with Hillary is that she did some things that are 100% consistent with people in public office. I would like to get away from that.

This whole binary system gives me the blues. I can pick between Sanders and Clinton. The Republicans can pretty much choose between Cruz and Trump. Then the winners of those races run against each other. There are 330 million of us. Why can’t we have a whole bunch of political parties and coalition governments and things? How in the hell can any of us be thoroughly represented by such a limited selection?


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