FDA warns bakery that “love” is not a common ingredient


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It probably says terrible things about me, but I can’t help but find this oddly endearing on the FDA’s part. Now if only all regs were enforced with this level of zeal…


Preposterous! I’ve always found it more endearing to itemize the ways I love my wife as oppossed to a simplified return when I annually reciporicate her affection in a carbon triplicate form.


Probably some sort of vanadium ester.


Love might be deceptive? No kidding?!?

What is the LD50 of love?


As a passionate amateur cook, I hereby testify that love totally is a crucial ingredient in any great-tasting food.


"Call me old-fashioned, but when my robot starts to squeak like an old screen door, well, that’s when I reach for a can of Mom’s Old Fashioned Robot Oil.

And remember: Mom’s Old Fashioned Robot Oil is made with 10% more love than the next leading brand!"

“Warning: Mom, love, and screen door copyrighted by Mom Co.”



Probably for the best, what with all the stories about mystery bodily fluids lately.


I’m inclined to agree that a bakery that is not using proper sanitation is not putting love into its products. Greed or sloth maybe.


I would rather not have any “love” in my food. There are kinds of love that are quite unsanitary indeed.


My wife and I have breakfast here with friends now-and-then. I promise you “love” is applicable. Great food, small place, owners who care.


Granola is a lovely source of fiber, so listing “bowel movements” as an ingredient would probably be more appropriate than “love” - or maybe “moving your bowels with love.”





FDA warns bakery that “love” is not a common ingredient

Well, yeah. Consider all the bakeries that have refused orders for wedding cakes for same-gender couples. Evidently they’d run all out of love.


The story really burried the headline. This bakery makes unsanitary products and that prompted the FDA to send this letter. While they were at it, they noted that ‘love’ was improperly used as an ingredient and added that to the letter.

But, always searching for clickbait reporting does what it does best.


You clicked, didn’t you?


Yeah, sorry, I did click and read the article and the FDA letter. I keep forgetting I’m supposed to go off all half cocked and uniformed. :wink:


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Mine’s is homemade! [holds up a spoon with some doughnut batter and a few hairs on it]

BUBS: Mine’s is shipped from a 3rd world country named Homemáde, so I can legally print “From Homemade” on the prepackaged package.

-Donut Unto Others