FEMA gave woman a $156 million for 30 million meals for Puerto Ricans. She delivered 50,000

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I really cringed at the end when I read about her faith-based books. Not a surprise - the hypocrisy is unending and the sheep’s clothing is apparently especially convincing these days.


Shit like this is why we can’t have a nice world.

No matter how terrible a tragedy is, some greedy bastard will always figure out a way to make a profit from it, usually making the problems even worse.


Borderline personality. Her brain just doesn’t work right and there’s really just no way to fix it.
It’s unfortunate that monsters don’t look like monsters.


Isn’t that a solved problem and called “army rations?”


Smells like Ivanka…


So does she just get to keep the 156 million?


The only thing missing is Trump saying ‘You’re doing a heck of a job browny!’


Was one of her prayers the traditional “Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man”?

Because if so, I think her prayers have been answered



“Just two months after arriving in Puerto Rico, José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen served its 3 millionth meal on the island. The nonprofit has done more to feed people in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria than any other organization, despite the fact that disaster relief is actually a new area of focus for the group.”

“To reach this major milestone, the chef, his #ChefsForPuertoRico network, and volunteers served hot meals and sandwiches in Puerto Rico’s 78 municipalities by mobilizing food trucks and setting up 20 kitchens across the island.”

Screw FEMA


For a contract this large, probably every retort food company was bidding against her. BUT, they have a better sense of the product and logistical cost involved, and so they bid higher than her. Probably when she got the contract, she then turned to the same companies that bid against her and tried to get them to sub for her. My guess is that they all declined, knowing that it’s impossible to provide a meal with heater at that cost.

And another thing. She was shipping freeze-dried rations? But I bet the contract called for ready-to-eat meals, thus the spec for heaters. Freeze-dried rations need to be rehydrated prior to consumption. Ready-to-eat meals can at least be eaten cold. The missing heaters was the least part of it.


No pre-qualification review for contracts of this size? WTF?


“After Tribute’s failure to provide the meals became clear, FEMA formally terminated the contract for cause, citing Tribute’s late delivery of approved meals. Ms. Brown is disputing the termination. On Dec. 22, she filed an appeal, arguing that the real reason FEMA canceled her contract was because the meals were packed separately from the heating pouches, not because of their late delivery. Ms. Brown claims the agency did not specify that the meals and heaters had to be together.”

“She is seeking a settlement of at least $70 million.”

Read more at https://wonkette.com/629406/sorry-puerto-rico-that-fema-thought-this-one-lady-could-make-you-30-million-hot-meals#EHiDB0gXdEDua5Al.99


Quick scan: It has high revenue and expenses, which it probably right for a non-profit that ships food. The income is government grants and program service fees.


The government may have been required to issue the order to her, if it was a set-aside contract for one of her firm’s special designations (minority-owned, historically under-utilized, woman-owned, etc.).

It’s not uncommon for big contracts to run through little companies like hers, just so that they can take advantage of that company’s designations for an advantageous bid situation. I wonder if she had a big partner capable of this level of work when she put together her bid. Possibly she couldn’t maintain that relationship after the bid was awarded. A wonky personality, greed, or a total lack of credit/financial backing could all cause it to fall apart.


Man, that’s some bad karma she has loaded up on…

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It’s also true that in an emergency like this, it isn’t uncommon to get waivers for some of the contract reviews in the interest in getting supplies out to those who need them quickly.


To be fair though, I can see why Tribute Contracting LLC initially got the contract …

•Tribute Contracting LLC, a minority owned government consulting firm (with Three FEMA Contracts over a span of five that equals 10.8 million and 1 million sales this year alone)
•Tiffany Brown Designs- women’s clothing line
•Tiffany Brown Holdings Inc.- Consulting firm that have five divisions: entertainment, vending, radio, food, nonprofit management and book publishing
•Luxe Fuel- A beverage delivery software app

… since that is some pretty delicious word salad.


I was impressed by the one-woman company with five divisions. How does she find time to do it all?


What a fargin icehole!

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