Feminist Lisa Frank wants to 'dismantle patriarchy, one rainbow kitten at a time'


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So this is not actually Lisa Frank?

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No, the actual Lisa Frank is…not a pleasant person, from most reports.


She’s from my home town. Her ex-hubby is also weird. He donates to our cancer nonprofit, so I don’t complain too loudly.

I wonder if her tools, computer, pencils, and garden slugs are pink.

What an ugly story. No it doesn’t sound like she would use her IP to undermine the patriarchy.

Wow. I had no idea about the history. What a Springer-esque shit show. Too bad they didn’t have reality shows like that back then. It would have killed.

Having attended a taping of the Springer show, it’s not the shitshow it seems. Mr. Springer is not the voice of reason he appears. Shockers all around, I know.

Actually, having listened to a radio show about Jerry Springer, he seemed to be quite the voice of reason, and he also pointed out that the JS Show features his TV personality/character.

All I can say is that when the cameras weren’t rolling, he was telling dirty jokes, and trying to get the women to show their breasts. Camera on, and he’s Mr. Serious again.

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Well, FWIW, he did get arrested for paying for a prostitute. With a personal check.

What, you think they take cash?


When he’s in that studio he’s in character. The home audience isn’t the only audience.

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