Filmmaker Uwe Boll blames everyone but himself for failed Kickstarter

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How could fans be feeling supportive while still feeling the sting of disappointment over the distinct lack of Godzillas and King Kongs in Rampage


Well if it that means no more movies from Uwe Boll then I am fine with that.


So go play golf until you’re dead. And may it be lightning that does the trick while you’re out there.


I would gladly pay for him to golf instead of making movies.


From the vid: “I want to do Rampage 3 because it is an important movie.”

This will surely be the next Schindler’s List.


Uwe’s potty mouth gets him into a lot of fucking trouble!

That was my favorite part of his message. I just really wish he would have gone on to explain how Rampage 3 could possibly be of any importance.

Headlines tomorrow:

Famous hated filmaker found dead in freak golf accident
We really don’t know how that many putters ended there, witnesses declared.


A lot of times, when I am debugging code, I get to a point where I am no longer wondering how the code is broken but rather how that flaming mess ever used to work in the first place.

That is how I feel about the career of Uwe Boll. The fact that it has now crashed is not the weird part


Kind of amazing he got $26K+ in pledges, really (though a certain number of those might have been prank pledges that would have been withdrawn at the last minute had it reached the goal). It’s a weird Kickstarter on every level. Boll is famous for being able to get funding for terrible movies, I’m not sure why he went with crowdfunding. Changes to German tax law? It’s very much the sort of project that doesn’t get funded (making the money it did raise all the more surprising) - a third sequel of a film that obviously did well enough (either at making money or being a tax dodge) to justify a second sequel, and no given reason why he couldn’t have funded it as he had the first two, as well as being a movie that the campaign creator can obviously afford to pay for himself (if he has enough money to spend the rest of his life golfing).

Perhaps Boll’s primary career is being a canny exploiter of German tax laws, not a filmmaker:


While he did get funding by using German tax law, that CinemaBlend article is terrible. It was clearly written in 2005, and doesn’t quite understand why exactly the tax law was being changed and subsequently why the changes that came into effect in 2006 didn’t affect Boll.

Christ, what an asshole.

(did I do that right?)


I knew that douchecanoe looked familiar. Found in the excellent movie “Heckler”

Does this mean there won’t be a fourth BloodRayne? That would be profoundly disappointing.

My response to Boll —

Yeah, they also don’t seem to understand that a movie can be financially successful while not making back costs at the box office (and that many films don’t). But…

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A few friends of mine know him personally. From everything I’ve heard he’s actually a rather cool person, and goes out of his way to be a decent guy in real life.

He hasn’t actually failed because his Kickstarter’s not over yet! It still has 3 days left and he only needs to get about €26,000 more to make his goal.

I think this video was a PR stunt to try to get him some press, attention, and an infusion of cash, presumably from people who enjoy being told to go f*ck themselves.

Well I have to say I’m swayed. I’m chipping in $1,000 right now!