Finally, a handheld Macintosh! (Ok, hackintosh.)

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I love this! It ticks so many boxes.

  • A project worked on diligently and with passion.
  • Shared for others to see
  • An illicit general purpose computer
  • A handheld computer with a terrible yet functional keyboard
  • It looks better than something assembled by one of William Gibson’s support characters
  • It is simultaneously of this time yet is somehow also anachronistic

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the hackentosh community once Apple migrates to all of it’s own silicon. Again and again, doomsayers have said “It will be the nail in the coffin of hackentoshes”, yet, some tool using monkeyoids seem to get around whatever new impediments are put in their way. My bet is, there will be knockoff chips, regardless of how infeasible and impractical it is- makers will find a way.


Everyone making handheld OS X machines and I’m sitting here


Heh - the BB “here’s the chart of what netbooks support what hackintosh features” saved my ass for a little while back in 2009.
(I should go back and try and Snow Leopard my Dell Mini 9 again, just for kicks.)


I’ve got a Snow Leopard Lenovo s10 netbook from back then. It was all the rage.

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I made a ‘hackintosh’ for my Wife from a 9” Dell laptop back in the day.
It seemed to run as fast as my MacBook of that era but in a very small footprint.


Polaroid SX-70__Neat!

It’s a weird and wonderful world, and I love that someone tried to bring the weird and wonderful form factor we’ve been getting for Linux and Windows devices, and bringing in OSX.

Way too niche for Apple, I know. Sadly we’ll never see an official OSX NUC-like thingy, or GPD-like OSX thingies.

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Not a GPD-like device, but isn’t the Mac mini basically just an Apple NUC? Even if the recent batch is M1 (ARM) based rather than Intel.

I’ll allow it.

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