Financial penalties for pro-Trump lawyers in Michigan election lawsuit

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But we know that he made at least $200 off of Cameo. Surrendering every last shred of dignity can open up whole new revenue streams.

I love that Rudy did that video the very same day as the request. Really shows how desperate he must be to make a quick buck at this point.


That man started out this campaign twelve eggs short of a dozen. One not so tiny push and his true nature couldn’t be restrained anymore.


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They never cotton-on that Trump expects utter loyalty but will never return it.

Oh well, he destroys everything he comes into contact with - businesses, relationships, professional careers - so long may the Republicans keep flocking to kiss the ring.


Sorry if this had been mentioned already. Part of the punishment includes referring each lawyer to their home state’s bar for possible disbarment.

The judge’s opinion could be an interesting read once I find time to sit down and do it. It sounds like when she heard arguments against sanctions, she pretty much gave them rope to hang themselves. Their arguments against were often incriminating in itself.

Sending them back to lawyer school was a nice touch to the entire ruling.


Legal Twitter seems to be of the mind that this is a tad more scathing than the average judicial opinion.


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Here’s the recipe for John Scalzi’s Schadenfreude Pie. Dark, sweet, somewhat bitter.
John Scalzi’s Schadenfreude Pie Recipe | LIVESTRONG.COM

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It’s ~100 double-spaced pages, so 50 real ones, and while your eyes may occasionally glaze over on some of the details for Section 11 court procedures or whatever, and some parts are obscure if you haven’t read the original case filing (which I haven’t), it’s a fun, blazingly fast read, and the fun parts don’t require being a lawyer.

Some of the memorable parts were about how a lawyer is obligated to make sure the things in their filings are true and relevant. Their case included a whole lot of affidavits from people about things they’d seen that they thought were clear violations of law, yet the Krakens didn’t verify that they were actually from Michigan, or were things that, if true, would be violations of Michigan law, but a lot of them were just pure speculation.
For instance, a witness affirmed that

  • A mysterious white van pulled up to the ballot-counting center in the middle of the night
  • The drivers dropped off some opaque bags
  • Those bags could have contained batches of fake ballots instead of the food delivery other people said it was
  • The ballot count for Biden increased 30,000 votes that night
  • Therefore that MUST have been election fraud!
  • No, the witness didn’t actually see what was in the opaque bags, but the Krakens provided that affidavit anyway, and had insisted that the court had to interview the witness (which the court declined.)

Another witness affirmed they’d seen an election worker run the same batch of ballots through the counting machine three times

  • That is the official process for when the machine reports problems reading one of the ballots.
  • The process includes canceling the totals from the unsuccessful read, which the witness didn’t know
  • The witness didn’t know whether or not the election worker told the machines to cancel the unsuccessful reads or not.

There were lots of other fun examples of affidavits that the Krakens included that had been used in lawsuits in other states, generally by other lawyers, where the Krakens didn’t directly talk to the witnesses and ask them whether what they’d claimed was true and was relevant to this case, which they’re required to do.


…not to mention merkins, mangoes, and the plague.

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Sure there is.
Voter roll purges, altered polling locations, laws restricting voting, etc, etc.
Hell, various State legislatures are committing Election Fraud now!
Voter Fraud, of course, amounts to irrelevent background noise, statistically speaking.

Doesn’t keep the Usual Bastards from screeching about stolen elections & passing laws to restrict voting rights.

Be nice if they ended up like Rudy:

giggle [snort]!

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Truly disappointing Judge Parker did not refer to the “Carone Affa David.” Even more disappointing is she did not accept the defendants’ invitation to go after the spoils of the fundraising ( i.e. the grift). That would be the only remedy with any hope of deterrence.


Perhaps that’s why Dr. Lecter was mad?