Finding the best finger ratchet

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Either Sean Ragan needs to diffuse his video’s light source, or he is a robot with robot eyes…

…it’s fine either way, just saying.

Helpful video! I didn’t really know what those tools were called. I got a three pack of them from Harbor Freight (different socket sizes) which work just fine for me.

Do they sell these without the ratchet mechanism? If so, what are they called? Finger wrenches? I tried making one on my 3D printer (which is also what I need it for) using carbon fiber filament but even that wasn’t sturdy enough. Even a small amount of torque twisted the head clean off.

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Too bad, thought this gonna be about some new fidget toy!

He definitely needs a diffuser on his light and to properly white balance the video. I would bet that diffusing the light would help to kill hot spots and aid with the white balance problem, too. As it is, the video is hard for me to watch because of the bad contrast. The content is good but a couple simple adjustments would make it a lot better.

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My friend and I have a disagreement: I believe the index finger to be the best, but she finds it ratchet.

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